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Rapper FTN Bae Arrested For Stalking OTF Doodie Lo & Violate Court Order

Dooie FTN Bae
Dooie Lo, FTN Bae / IG

The ongoing drama between upcoming rappers FTN Bae and OTF associate Doodie Lo took a sour turn on Friday after the former was booked for aggravated stalking in violation of a protective order injunction.

Information about her charge was not immediately clear, and it’s unclear if she is still in jail or has been bonded.

The court had granted a court order restraining FTN Bae from being in contact with the rapper, but over the last week, she had brought fresh allegations that Doodie Lo sexually assaulted her son by sharing snippets of his lie detector test where the rapper failed several questions by answering wrong and doing it over.

A letter has been shared online where the Attorney for Doodie Lo addresses her claims that the lie detector test procedure or test was procured by bribery or some other compensation which are all not founded in reality.

Further, the attorney called for a court-ordered psychological assessment of FTN Bae to explain her “questionable behavior.”

The case appears to have been settled after a lawsuit was filed by Doodie Lo a month ago, and FTN Bae, whose real name is Britney Elder, had apologized for her comments making the accusation following a January 6 hearing.

In October, Elder revealed on Instagram that the OTF artist with who she previously shared a relationship with had allegedly sexually assaulted her then five-year-old son Wesley.

Elder shared audio where the boy tearfully alleged that Doodie had put screws into his butt.

Doodie Lo and his lawyer had responded by denying the accusations, and shortly after, he filed a suit for defamation.

“I will never sit back and let nobody defame my name my character and what I stand for,” the rapper said in a message via his Instagram. “This is all public record I’m not letting nobody play with my name…don’t never play with my name.”

Doodie, whose real name is David Saulsberry, wants to recover punitive damages to the tune of $10 million.

In the meantime, Saulsberry seemingly responded to the latest arrest of Elder as he called her behavior “fatal attraction type sh**.”