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600Breezy Makes 6ix9ine His First Target After His Release From Jail


600Breezy just completed his recent stint in jail, and he’s already pointing his finger at 6ix9ine for landing him in prison.

The bad blood between the two escalated back in late 2020 following the death of King Von by Quando Rando’s associate Lul Tim. 6ix9ine’s trolling reached a whole new level when he mocked his rivals in Chicago after the death of Von. That was not the first time 6ix9ine had angered O-Block gangsters after she stopped by the famous Chi-town community and spoke ill about Lil Durk’s family members who have perished as a result of gun violence.

The trolling of Von’s death was enough for Breezy to go off on the “Gummo” rapper on social media, insisting that he had crossed the line with his antics and needed to be taught a lesson. In a video clip posted on DJ Akademiks Instagram page in February 2021, a heated 600Breezy was heard saying that regardless of where 6ix9ine was, he would eventually get to him.

“Nobody don’t say nothing to me, I’m grown ni**a. F**k you talking about, the man steady mentioning my dead homie ni**a, and you ni**as sitting around not saying nothing, ion none a that. He ain’t no federal nothing. He got security guards ni**a but that money gonna run out. I’m gonna see you ni**a!”

The post received over 1.3 million views and no doubt was brought to the attention of the authorities, and with the spate of shootings taking place, they were not taking any chances.

600Breezy, whose government name is Antonio King, was arrested on probation violation shortly after and incarcerated for three months. A copy of his paperwork posted confirmed that it was indeed his threatening words that got him in hot water and landed him behind bars, giving him an opportunity to cool off and get some perspective.

Fans of both rappers are hoping that the beef is now over, but with 600Breezy putting emojis of both a rat and the police over the image of his release papers, there are some doubts.