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DJ Akademiks Speak On What He Envies Nicki Minaj For The Most

DJ Akademiks says he wishes he had fans as loyal as Nicki Minaj’s while speaking on their past beef.

We use the word daily, but few know that the term ‘fan’ is short for ‘fanatic.’ This is what DJ Akademiks leveled at crazy supporters of artistes, specifically Nicki Minaj. He charged that they are so loyal that they refuse to believe that the “Anaconda” artiste threatened him.

The 30-year-old shared that the “Super Bass” entertainer is very coy in carrying out her actions, to the point that she often does not appear to be overly aggressive, which is why her loyal fans have a hard time buying that she would do the things she has done in the past, including issuing threats.

“You know why Nicki is good, I should say great? Her audience …and she has the best audience with the barbs. Her audience will never believe anything. And Nicki does a good job of not making it apparent, I mean, you heard it, you didn’t see it. So like when you say it, her audience is like ‘oh you’re just hating on the queen.’ I got to realize that her fan base is so solid that they have this perception of her and if she is not the victim, no one believes it. And I’m not going to lie to you, I want a fan base like that,” he expressed.

Speaking on VLAD TV about some of the ‘beefs’ people have had with over the years, DJ Vlad reminded him of the time he said that Minaj slid into his direct message (DM), stating, “I know about too much about your family for you to be playing with me, you h*e a*s rat. Where you at now? Send your number, my husband wants to talk to you.” After he shared this information, her fans said that he probably photo-shopped the allegations and that he was not to be believed.

DJ Akademiks further stated that his history with Minaj was interesting because she always seemed to care about his views and opinions. When she took the iconic Malcolm X picture of him looking out the window and then used it on her cover, “Looking a*s ni**a,” she skewed the whole seriousness and truth about the image because the picture was taken shortly after his house was firebombed.

“I gave my opinion on that and it clearly was not well received and I believe I got some legal notice about it being copyrighted which it’s not and I was very public about it as I said, ‘Nicki is trying to get my sh*t taken down,'” AK said

A popular YouTuber who used to spin music at Rutgers University, DJ Akademiks boasts almost 2.5 million subscribers. He currently comments on current social and entertainment topics trending in the rap and hip hop community and shares breaking stories about some of the biggest artistes in the game.