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Lil Mama Shoots Her Shot At Meek Mill And He Respond: “I wanna give you your flowers”

Lil Mama
Lil Mama

Meek Mill reacts to Lil Mama seemingly shooting her shots at him on Valentines Day.

Lil Mama wants to get something else popping, and it’s not her lip gloss after she used Valentine’s Day to send Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill a declaration of love. Mama lived vicariously through the words of TikTok sensation Muni Long, as the TikTok famous line from her song blared in the background of a photo of Meek surrounded by pink hearts.

“Yours, mine, ours/I could do this for hours/Sit and talk to you for hours/I wanna give you your flowers/And some champagne chalice,” quoted lyrics.

The two continued their playful banter in the comment section of a reshare on social media.

“[Laughing emoji] Ahhhhhhhhh This GOT IT… “I Wanna Give You Yah Flowerrrrrrs,” Mama commented with a few emojis inciting that there could be more to their union.

You indeed miss one hundred percent of the shots that you don’t shoot, and it seems Mama may have hit a beautiful jumper as Meek responded to her request.

“Ok mammaaa lol [heart-kissing emoji],” Meek dropped in TSR’s comment section.

If there is indeed a relationship, this wouldn’t be the first time Meek would be traversing the sometimes tricky matrix of dating a fellow ‘co-worker.’ As a matter of fact, he could be considered somewhat of an expert after dating the likes of Lira Galore, K. Michelle, Elle Varner, and his high-profile relationship with Nicki Minaj.

Nicki and Meek Milly transformed their years of friendship into something more romantic in 2015. However, things faded quickly between the two. The breakup was not pretty, and arguments and promises of a beatdown continued to dominate the media in the years after. Meek moved on to Bernice Burgos, then fashion designer Milan Harris, with whom he had his second child.

Lil Mama, 32, is still without kids, so there could be a lot for both Meek Mill and Mama to explore as far as the growth of their “relationships” goes.