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Roddy Ricch Deletes Twitter & Instagram Amid Fans Criticizing His Song Snippet

Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch deleted his Twitter and Instagram account after fans harshly critiqued a snippet of new music he was planning to release.

On Saturday, February 5, he released a 27-second clip of new music on Twitter that he captioned “for your ears only.” However, fans did not hold back on the criticism as they registered their disappointment at the tune.

The clip received 21.5k views, with fans saying that the rapper fell off harder than Chance the Rapper.

It didn’t take long for Roddy Ricch to delete the snippet but also deactivate his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The rapper has not given a reason for deactivating his account, but many jumped to his defense.

“I honestly don’t blame Roddy Ricch for getting off Twitter and Instagram. He put out a solid project that took years to make and every move he made, people would tell him his project was mid or trash. Stop harassing artists fam, if you don’t like a project, cool, just move on,” one fan said on Twitter.

DJ Akademiks also jumped in to defend the 23-year-old rapper from ruthless fans.

“Yall aint gonna do my boy Roddy Ricch like yall did Chance the Rapper.. yall know he aint mid.. he just took too long to drop… if he dropped more frequently the good sh*t would rise to the top.. but anticipation followed by a ‘cool’ effort made us feel like WTF did we wait 4,” he said in one tweet.

Akademiks also gave advice to the raper about getting back in the game.

“Roddy Ricch just need to get back on grind mode.. and its hard for artists to do after they’ve had hella success… Nobody loves you that much to wait 3 years for project. Feed the skreets.. OFTEN..or watch them turn on u word to NBA YOUNGBOY. unless u kendrick, frank ocean etc,” he said.

The rapper saw massive success with his first studio album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. The album was widely acclaimed and received commendations for the cadences patterns of the tracks.

However, Roddy Ricch has not released a new album since, even though he appeared in “Pure Souls” on Donda by Kanye West.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting his next drop, and we’re comparing his latest teaser with his album and his Feed Tha Streets mixtape series.

Some fans, however, felt that the sample was not bad and the rapper should not have deleted it or his account, while others said he was young and talented and could bounce back from the criticism.