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50 Cent Rips Young Buck After Recent Arrest For Vandalizing Ex-Girlfriend’s Property

50 Cent Young Buck
50 Cent, Young Buck

50 Cent rips into his former G-Unit rapper Young Buck following his recent arrest for vandalizing his ex-girlfriend’s home and car.

Over the past few years, Young Buck has had numerous runnings with the law, and on top of that, he can’t seem to shake 50 Cent from trolling him. The G-Unit chief wasted no time pouncing on the news of Buck’s arrest by injecting his sexuality into the mix.

According to TMZ, Buck turned up at his ex-girlfriend’s home on Wednesday after he told her that he was coming over. When she didn’t answer the door, he went into a rage and started kicking the door before fleeing the scene. She later found damages to her car that was parked outside.

Young Buck was later arrested by the Nashville Police Department, who booked him on felony vandalism charges. The rapper was later released on a $1000 bond.

50 Cent got wind of what was happening and shared the story on his IG page. “Buck B-Unit Bi sexual Unit. Leave that girl alone. she didn’t know he had all this sh*t going on, none of us did And He best be coming up wit my money,” Fifty wrote.

Fans are well aware that 50 Cent and Young Buck share no quarter for each other. That became even more evident when Young Buck shared his story with VladTV through a multi-part video interview series. During that interview, he shared how the split began. The relationship between the two is so strained that there is now little hope for any G-Unit reunion.

“They issues was, from my understanding, about money. And, 50 immediately started to bring me and the guys together in the rooms and office like ‘Look, ya’ll gon’ have to find another manager. At the time, Sha was the president of the company, the manager of me, Banks and Yayo, he wore so many f***ing different hats bro,” Buck added.

50 Cent is known for his trolling skills, which have made him quite popular on social media. One of the tactics that he used to get under Buck’s skin was a series of transphobic rants after Young Buck was seemingly caught on video with a transgender woman. Ever since that story broke, Buck has continually maintained that nothing happened with the woman. He’s also said that he has no issues with the LGBTQIA2+ community.

The same can’t be said for Fifty, who seems to have some issues with them and Buck’s supposed interest in that lifestyle. Fifty took another shot at Buck recently after he was allegedly caught in a similar situation for a second time. Fifty tweeted, “Damn this boy really different caught with another transgender contender.”

It seems his information was gleaned from a recent episode of Unwine With Tasha K. The headline he used in the post alleged that LisaRaye McCoy slept with a 10-year-old Da Brat, Dr. Dre made up with his estranged wife, and Young Buck got “EXPOSED.” That’s all it took for Fifty to take a jab at his nemesis.