DJ Mustard Involved In Serious Car Crash With Drunk Driver

DJ Mustard
DJ Mustard

Producer DJ Mustard is counting his blessings today after he narrowly missed more serious injuries following a car crash on Sunday night.

According to the legendary hip hop producer, he was heading home when he was hit by a drunk driver. Mustard gave his fans an update on the matter via his Instagram Story, which also showcased the extensive damage done to the front-end of what seemed to be a Cadillac Escalade.

“last night a drunk driver hit me and another car on the freeway. Slammed by car into the wall, all the airbags came out totalled my truck,” DJ Mustard explained in a post on his Instagram Story. “Sh*t felt like a movie. I was able to walk away with minor bruises no major injuries… thank you god!”

A 2021 Escalate is sold for anywhere around t $77,000 and up yet, his broken truck is not what sent the hitmaker over the edge. It seems Mustard was also transporting a custom bicycle made by the Trek Bicycle Corporation. The custom bikes are prized possessions and can sometimes average thousand of dollars in price, which explains his frustration.

“On top of that my Trek bike was in the back. My sh*t was broke I was more mad about that than my car man,” wrote Mustard, who is now allegedly worth between 8-10 million.

Mustard accident
DJ Mustard

Over the years, DJ Mustard has shown just how dedicated he has been to his fitness journey, having shed hundreds of pounds through regular exercise and diet. The loss in weight has never affected the producer’s musical abilities, as he continues to pump out hits with the likes of Chris Brown, and fellow West Coast spitter Roddy Ricch. One of his most recent releases comes from songstress Ella Mai through his 10 Summers Records label. “DFMU” Premiered on January 28, 2022, and has been getting rave reviews.

A number of get-well comments from the producer’s fans have been shared on social media. “Sending him quick recovery all the way ? y’all this a great lesson to y’all who drink & drink plss save lives out there,” one fan wrote.

Thankfully DJ Mustard is doing okay and only received minor injuries after this scary ordeal.