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Drake Is Learning French From his 4-Year-Old Son Adonis Graham

Drake son Adonis Sophie Brussaux
Drake, Adonis Graham, Sophie Brussaux

Drake and Adonis Graham is that adorable father and son duo that keeps you wanting to see them more.

While Drake may be one of the most successful musicians of the modern era, to Adonis, he’s just dad, and he is already showing off the same confidence as his father. The blonde, sometimes frizzy-haired youngster is undoubtedly maturing as the months and years pass. Both Drizzy, whose real name is Aubrey Graham, and Adonis were chilling at their home, having a small little chit-chat when the younger chose to have a fascinating conversation about body mass before he showed off his impressive language skills.

Let’s not forget that Adonis calls the revered French artist Sophie Brussaux mom. Her relations with Drake were practically unheard of to the public until Pusha T unearthed the truth during his and Drake’s bitter lyrical beef in 2018. At that time, Adonis was already two years old.

Drake would go on to confirm and claim his offspring in subsequent songs and Instagram posts. These days the two Grahams are spotted out and about more often. In May 2021, Adonis accompanied his dad on stage to accept the prestigious title of Artist of the Decade at the Billboard Music Awards. Towards the end of his speech, Drake dedicated his award to his son, who teared up during the whole thing.

4-year-old Adonis showed off his more confident side during the recent clip of him and his dad.

The convo kicked off with Adonis questioning how much bigger his dad would get. Drake made it known that he was probably at the end of the road in terms of growth. The rapper tested his son’s reasoning abilities when he questioned, “Do you think you’re going to be bigger than me?”

The toddler shot back with a quick and confident “Yeah.”

Drake wanted to get a clearer understanding of just how big his son’s imagination is, but Adonis was more interested in showing off his French skills.

“You want I teach you how to speak en France?” He asked before sounding out a sentence in French, which he then translated at his dad’s request.

“I said, ‘When you’re older, you are all broken, and you’re going to turn back into space,'” Adonis explains. The answer brought laughter to the two, with Drake questioning if that was the correct translation.

The short clip ends with both of them smiling.