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NLE Choppa Says NBA YoungBoy Fan Who Attacked Him Was His Fan

NBA YoungBoy and NLE Choppa
NBA YoungBoy, NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa says the man who attacked him last week was his own fan and not a YoungBoy Never Broke Again fan as previously claimed.

The Memphis rapper is finally addressing the incident last week that went viral, showing a man in the airport claiming to be a fan of NBA Youngboy squaring off with NLE Choppa.

The man claimed to have beaten up NLE Choppa in the airport. However, NLE says the man was actually a fan of his who approached him in the airport but became angry after he was unresponsive.

“He came to me as a fan, I could tell he was a fan though cause I could really tell he was a fan cause that’s why I was finna de-escalate things,” he said to DJ Akademiks on his Off The Record podcast.

“I was like my man, I had my earphones in I just didn’t hear you bruh, and aint nobody scared,” the rapper said while Akademiks asked him, “his tone of voice was a little bit disrespectful.”

NLE continued, “he jumped at me you know like, wtf and I just looked at him and I’m like in a split second should I pop on this n**** man and I just went ahead and fly on him because I felt like if I had turned my back, walked off, he would have sucker punched me or do whatever…so I just went ahead and popped it out.”

When asked by Akademiks about the narrative online, which is that a Youngboy never Broke Again fan popped him, the rapper said the entire thing is twisted by media.

“He wasn’t a youngboy fan that’s why I hate the media because they twist sh*t up.”

However, the video and audio online seem to be painting a different picture as the fan could be seen NBA’s 4KT hand sign. In other angles of the fight, the fan can be heard boasting and saying his name is Big 4KTrey.

“Aye yo, yea I just knocked out NLE Choppa, he’s a f***king b*****…4Ktry we in this b****,” he said in a video.

In any case, the fan did not beat up the rapper as per his claims, but NLE isn’t looking good either as he slipped during a crucial moment of the fight. He did seem to have connected a punch to the lips of the fan.