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Charlamagne Tha God Flames Kanye West Over Pete Davidson Bars

Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne Tha God is going after Kanye West over his bars about putting hands on Pete Davidson.

Kanye West has been on a roll as his latest interview hits the internet and fans take time to digest his tell-all stories, which go from speaking about his kids, picking up part two of Kim’s sex tape, so Wack 100 doesn’t get his hand on it, and being grateful to God for the troubles he is going through.

However, while the rapper is all about his Christian ways, at least one person is questioning Ye’s recent behaviors. Last week, Kanye was singing about beating up Kim Kardashian’s rumored boyfriend Pete Davidson on his collab “Eazy” with The Game. Now his interview speaks about Jesus and being a Christian.

Charlamagne Tha God on Tuesday questioned the rapper’s antics on his recent episode of Brilliant Idiots.

“I thought Kanye’s bar to Pete was corny as hell,” The Breakfast Club co-host began. “What happened to Jesus? What happened to God? You weren’t even cursing on your records, now all of a sudden you want to beat up Pete Davidson. I didn’t respect it.”

Charlamagne also dug into the rapper’s gabs over the last few months as he apparently touches on various subjects.

In November, Kanye West popped up on Drinks Champs where he spoke about using backpack raps to improve his chances of success as a rapper, and Charlamagne feels that his latest company among people like the Game, Future, and Fivio Foreign are all part of his game to use the rappers to stay relevant and even mock them later on.

“I think about what he said on Drink Champs when he said he used all the backpack rappers,” he continued. “And now you see him hanging out with all the street rappers now. He’s hanging out with all these guys just so he can say that line.”

“But I want all you street rappers to know, he’s using y’all too. But the difference is, the street rappers aren’t going to be used. They gon’ keep their hands in Kanye West’s pockets, cause wolves don’t make good house pets. And Kanye gon’ learn that.”

“Eazy” had since climbed to No. 49 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart giving The Game his highest-charting song in nearly 15 years.

Charlamagne Tha God and Kanye West used to be friends, but the two appear to not be on the same level. In any case, one thing about Kanye is that he is going to respond to his critics, and Charlamagne might be next on his next rant.