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NBA YoungBoy Kicked His 1-Year-Old Son Out Airbnb, Says Baby Mama

NBA YoungBoy Arcola
NBA YoungBoy, Arcola

Did YoungBoy Never Broke Again kicked his 1-year-old son out a Airbnb rental house?

Rapper NBA Youngboy’s baby mothers are trending as the week starts on a dramatic note. On Monday, reports surfaced that the rapper kicked his one-year-old out of his Airbnb after he and the baby mother fell out.

Last week, one of the rapper’s baby mothers started trending after she did a video showing that she preferred to work, so she doesn’t have to depend on the father of her child, and if something goes wrong, she can provide for her son.

However, reactions to the video seemed to irk the rapper, which led to a back and forth over her son and the baby mother, Arcola, claiming that the rapper is toxic and a “manipulator” and “fake a*s father of the year.”

Arcola, who is a mother to one-year-old Kaell, claims that the 22-year-old father of eight begged her to send their son to him but, after an argument, kicked the child out of his Airbnb during a visit in Utah. NBA YoungBoy is currently on house arrest in Utah pending the outcome of his court cases in Los Angeles and Baton Rouge.

Arcola claims that NBA YoungBoy became upset after she made a post on Instagram responding to a fan’s question about why she still works despite having a baby with one of the world’s most popular rappers.

“Kentrell wya this 9-5 ain’t enough. #Itsajoke #chill #comedy,” she captioned an Instagram post with a picture of herself laying on the floor.

However, in a series of posts online, Arcola explains that NBA YoungBoy asked her to ditch her job by pretending to be sick and flying out from San Francisco to Utah so he could see his son Kaell.

“Bring me Kaell,” a message from Youngboy, who is named ‘Top Toxic’ on her phone, reads. “I told you I am Saturday,” Arcola responds, to which the rapper says, “no now.”

The two had a back and forth in which she called him a “weak a** b**ch” as the two quarreled over texts. “Whole-time he’s always been bitter, fake a*s father of the year,” said Arcola about Youngboy as she shared the screenshots.

“You pressed me to bring him out there just to kick him out because your mad at me?” she explains while adding that she let her son see his father because she didn’t want to seem like a bitter baby mama. She said that she also felt like her son needed to know his dad, but after this escapade she won’t try anymore.

“Kaell has 2 uncles and his bonus uncle Baby Zay and his godfather. They love him a lot and I do too,” she wrote.

The rapper later responded on the official Never Broke Again Instagram page to Arcola’s posts where he claimed he didn’t want to have a baby with her.

“Ion know what type of internet games you playing but I don’t owe you sh*t I ain’t even want no baby with you I Told you not but I accepted responsibility y’all h*es play baby games then try to come for some sh*t I earned and risked my life for cause yall ain’t women enough or capable to get on y’all sh*t that ain’t my fault I can take care my kids and get them what I want that ain’t my fault you can’t I keep it too real for y’all to be so f***ing fake come get him in the morning in you ain’t gotta text me back f*ck what you talking bout tell the world about it idgaf I be in my own world anyway text Jason when you get here,” the rapper wrote.

Arcola called the rapper a “manipulator” and claimed that he takes out his anger and frustration on his kids. She added that NBA YoungBoy has “mental issues” and should seek help.