Shenseea Responds To Amari & Comedian Who Shared ‘Sacrificing Mother’ Meme


Shenseea has been getting an equally amount of love and hate on social media after releasing her new song, “Lick” with Megan Thee Stallion.

While this is a big move for the young dancehall artiste and the genre, some fans think the song is terrible. At the same time, she has been getting a lot of praise, especially from her fans overseas.

The release of the song has landed short of what some fans were expecting, and many, including some well-know folks on social media, did not hold back in sharing their thoughts. There is usually a thin line between what is socially acceptable and what is totally off the books, and at least one Instagram could be on the receiving end of Shenseea‘s wrath after a distasteful meme referencing the entertainer’s late mother.

Shenseea’s mother, Castilyn Eleanor Williams, passed away in June of 2020 after she was admitted to the hospital following a mild stroke. The “Blessed” singer was feeling far from that when the incident occurred. However, some critics were quick to accuse the singer of sacrificing her mom for worldly glory. Shenseea responded to her critics following her mom’s death, vowing not to give any credit to the sacrificial comments.

“You see in a time like this when mi madda dead and unno come a talk bout sacrifice, that show mi seh the devil himself send unno so mi neven fi get worked up over that but mi need unno fi know seh I really can find you…but I won’t cause you can’t hide from God.” She said on IG LIVE in 2020.

Megan Thee Stallion Shenseea
Megan Thee Stallion, Shenseea

Following the release of her new song, “Lick,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion, social media trolls and meme enthusiast Romario Granville shared the distasteful meme. We won’t repeat the words of the meme, but it did caught Shenseea’s attention, as well as her fans.

Unlike her usually quiet stance when it comes to answering comments on social media, Shenseea has been clapping back at persons who have been voicing their issues with the song. Not even the Unruly Boss Popcaan was spared a response from the entertainer. As such, Granville’s comment would not go unnoticed by the 25-year-old entertainer.

“P**sy Me Ago Find You!” Shen responded.

The comments shared by Granville were blasted by many others who mentioned that while it is okay to express displeasure in the quality of the song from the entertainer, it was clearly out of bounds to disrespect the dead.

Granville later shared that he was not the mastermind behind the meme, providing a screenshot of the Facebook account he lifted the words from. He also offered an apology to Shenseea.

“Shenseea, I really sincerely apologize for what was post but I wasn’t the maker of the post. I just copy and paste it on my tweeter which it was wrong and I realy would love for you to find a soft part in your heart to forgive me. I’m so sorry sorry,” he wrote.

He further confessed, “When you meet kind people please be good to them. The reason that many people are kind is because the world has been so bad to them that they don’t want anyone else to feel the way they did.”

A clearly livid Shenseea was seemingly not moved by the apology and still insisted she would be hunting the operator of the meme page. According to the IG account, the operator took a flight to neighboring Caribbean territory Haiti. Naturally, that could also be the operator getting back to his/her trolling ways.

Shenseea is still in promotion mode after announcing that her debut album Alpha will be released on March 11. She partied with a handful of A-Listers at the song and album launch held in New York on Friday, January 21.

Shenseea’s old nemesis A’mari also bashed her new song in a video shared on her IG. According to A’mari, who once threatened to sue ShenYeng, the song is a major disappointment.

“Is like…no matter how much Amari done me, me jus cyaaaaaa hate d woman she seh me give ar d biggest disappointment ina r life why u dweet Amari,” Shenseea tweeted.