Shenseea Gets Outpouring Of Support After Mother’s Death, Popcaan, Spice & More Reacts

Shenseea is getting an outpouring of support after the sudden death of her mother.

Dancehall artiste Shenseea has been dealt a terrible hand as she is now faced with the untimely death of her mother. The singer took to Instagram to make the announcement, meanwhile expressing her feelings during this dark time. Shenseea advised one of the best ways persons close to her can help her mourn. “I ask everyone PLEASE if you see me in person don’t remind me of this my heart is weary,” she requested.

Shenseea regularly flaunted her love for her mom. Fans got to experience the love from the many videos and images uploaded to the entertainer’s Instagram page. Just last month, she posted videos of herself and her mom having fun during a walk, which resulted from the two facing car troubles.

A few weeks ago, she showcased where she and her mom previously lived, which made her May 2019 revelation of her mom moving in with her even more touching. Shenseea, who never knew her father, credits her mom for molding her into a strong, outspoken woman.

The entire dancehall community is now mourning the loss, with many offering condolences. “WTF OMG. why mi a refresh mi page over and over to read again @shenseea I’m soooooooo Sorry #RIP. I’m lost,” wrote Spice.

Romeich, Shenseea’s manager, also took to his own page to show the special connection he shared with the special lady he referred to as his second mother.

He wrote, “Its always hard to loose Love ones BUT GOD KNOWS best R.I.P to my second mom you have done greatness in your time on earth and you have given and raised a blessing to the world by the name of #chinsealee and you will be truely miss and as long as i have life i will continue making shen and raj happy and safe i know thats all yoi would want said: “Love u mommy”

Popcaan, who shares a very special bond with his own mother wrote, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jah know shen jah jah.”

Ding Dong Ravers commented, “Jah jah sis ….. rip mamma sleep in peace ….. jah know sis hold it even tho mi know it hard.”

One other fan who knew the two personally said, “I thought I was the only one doing that. God ..the way I love you and your mom @shenseea it feels like my lost too I am praying hon for u because if I’m feeling this sad with this much tears I can’t begin to understand how u are feeling,” and another added: “Omg! God have mercy on your heart Shen!! My condolences to you and your family… keep strong! Ress up mommy!”

While details surrounding her passing are still limited, the image Shenseea shared shows that her mom was spending some time in the hospital.

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Urbanislandz is now taking the time to send condolences to Shenseea and her friends and family affected by this untimely passing.

R.I.P. Mama ShenYeng.