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NLE Choppa Changed “Free YoungBoy” Song Title To Diss NBA YoungBoy

NBA NLE Choppa
NBA YoungBoy, NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa maybe regretting dropping a song titled “Free YoungBoy.”

19-year-old Memphis artiste NLE Choppa has been involved in tonnes of drama lately, which continued today with a slick move from the entertainer. In an industry that thrives on ongoing feuds, it seems Choppa has fallen out of NBA Youngboy‘s good grade.

The latest antics from the “Top Shotta” rapper come as he changed the name of his 2019 track “Free YoungBoy” to “F**k YoungBoy.” The move was done to show that he and the Louisiana rapper are no longer cool as a result of NBA YoungBoy seemingly dissing him on a new song titled “Know Like I Know.” YoungBoy, who is still on house arrest in Utah, also threw shots at Lil Durk and 21 Savage.

The diss track, which is trending in the number forty position on YouTube, has already racked up over 2.5 million views in a day, as industry players dissect.

“You want it so you gonna get it. I know you know like I know, gone die for choosing sides though. I’m smelling blood and I feel it. B*itch you gone die and I know, your mom gonna cry in the front row. All these ni****s tryna be the biggest rapper, while I’m tryna wrap ’em in body bags with toe tags. Y’all trying to play with me and I play for keeps. I’m a grown a*s man so on the internet, I don’t post pics. I’m stuck caught up in the thug life and I’m still hiding from the Fedz list,” NBA raps.

If the diss track was not enough to get under Choppa’s skin, earlier this week, he was confronted at an airport terminal by one of YoungBoy’s supporters with whom he got into a physical altercation.

The fistfight was caught on camera and soon went viral as it showed Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Potts, walking through a terminal and being followed by a young man who was videoing him, which seemed to upset NLE Choppa.

In the video, the young man shouted, “Are you NLE? I asked you mad times. Stop playing with me.” Why the two men started fighting is not clear as the phone fell during the scuffle. Afterward, the individual was heard boasting he had beaten up the rapper, which he declared could not fight.

NLE Choppa has also been fighting his own legal troubles, as less than a year ago, he was arrested in Florida on burglary, gun, and drug charges. The charges were laid down after, and his friend broke into a tow yard and was seen by a dispatcher who called the police. The two men reportedly were wearing black masks and jumped the fence to search the property before getting caught.

In his defense, Choppa subsequently told authorities that he had left his watch in a car that ended up being towed to that compound.

NLE Choppa has since changed back the title of the song on YouTube, perhaps after a conversation with his label.