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Moneybagg Yo Drops $200K On Some Icy New Teeth After Revealing 2022 Income

Moneybagg Yo
Moneybagg Yo

Certified Speaker Moneybagg Yo ensured his bling game was on point when he dropped a hefty bag on some platinum grills for his teeth.

Moneybagg Yo brandished the detailed design as well as the finished product to his 7.6 million fans earlier today. He further revealed the price tag of US$200,000 for the minimalistic design. The designer clearly does not consider the incisors as worthy of his lavish artwork, which includes a diamond-studded bag full of cash[money bag], as well as other diamond-infused shapes. The design starts at the canine and works its way back to the pre-molars.

The “Wockesha” rapper had been known for his gold and diamond caps which stretched across his incisors. However, in 2020 he linked up with famed Colombian oral rehabilitation specialist Dr. Mario Montoya where he forked over several thousans for some new pearly whites. Dr. Montoya had also granted a billion-dollar smile to the rapper’s girlfriend, Ari Fletcher. He has also worked with the likes of Rick Ross, Safaree, Lil Twist, among other big names in the industry.

Moneybagg Yo revelation came just a day after the rapper shared that he would be upping his coins with the introduction of his new bottled water company, Vior. The rapper shared the news on social media through a video of water bottles being filled with the all too important liquid. He asked his followers to tap in and make his $100 million dream a reality by sharing their addresses to receive a free case of the good stuff in hopes of creating returning customers.

The rapper is currently making bank through his numerous collaborations, usually priced at $100,000 a verse and live shows, where he charges around $200,000 a show.

Fans are also consuming his music on an astronomical scale, with his 2021 project A Gangsta’s Pain selling over 1.1 million copies. He is gearing up to drop a new album in March 2022. It seems the rapper’s cash flow is perfectly aligned with his spending habits, and getting 200k teeth ornaments is no biggie.