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NLE Choppa Denies Getting Medical Help After Drinking Human Breast Milk

NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa took to social media over the weekend to shoot down claims by blogs online that he was hospitalized after going on a diet that included breastmilk from a woman.

The rapper has been known for his push for a healthy lifestyle which can get strange at times, as he recently offered that he had the secret to a BBL-type body in the form of a pill he wanted to sell to his female fans.

However, it seems that even with NLE Choppa and his weird ways, there is a line.

NLE took time out over the weekend to address the bewildering claims he was sick after consuming breastmilk due to a new healthy diet he was trying.

A blog on Instagram made the bizarre claim that the rapper had consumed breastmilk as part of a 90-day nutritional fast. The blog claims that the rapper was trying “a new ‘ancestral’ fast,” which he started a week ago. However, unsubstantiated claims say that the rapper had “an allergic reaction,” which led to him seeking medical attention and his subsequent hospitalization.

Despite many persons rubbishing the claim, the blog has not removed the post but instead turned off the comments.

NLE Choppa, who is vegan and known for his willingness to try natural remedies, responded to the claims- “If you believe this you just slow. Stop texting me ‘are you ok.'”

The rapper did not say anything further, but he is often laughed at for his theories about health and wellness, including his position on the Covid-19 pandemic. The rapper has shared that he has distrust when it comes to the government, and he is also suspicious of modern medical practices, which include current efforts to vaccinate the world.

Choppa has also in the past claimed that he has miracle herbs that could treat erectile dysfunction and obesity.