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Wack 100 Says Drakeo The Ruler’s Family Denies They Can’t Afford Funeral

Drakeo the Ruler

The Family of Drakeo the Ruler has made an application to the court to be granted access to his estate to cover his funeral costs which are expected to be exorbitant. Wack 100 is also claiming that the family is saying otherwise.

On Friday, his mother revealed that the rapper’s funeral-related costs are going to be around $52,0000, and the family does not have the money to cover it. According to TMZ, his mother, Darrylene Corniel, has applied to the court to be granted funds from his estate to cover the expenses.

The Los Angeles rapper, 28, was stabbed to the neck during a large group fight backstage of the Once Upon a Time in L.A festival on December 19. Drakeo The Ruler, whose real name is Darrell Caldwell died before receiving medical attention. At the time of the incident, the rapper was scheduled to perform on stage at the festival, headlined by the likes of Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent.

The rapper was widely popular and had about 1.5m monthly listeners on Spotify. He rose to fame after his song with “Talk to Me” single with Drake. No arrests have been made since his death, but his family has been seeking administration of his estate following his death.

Documents filed by his mother say that she plans a memorable farewell for her son, which will be something brimming with “dignity, style, and grace.” TMZ has reported that the mother’s filings claim that his estate is around $2 million. However, the family needs funds to plan the funeral, which is urgent due to the crisis funeral homes now face with Covid-19 cases rising and the death toll going up.

Shortly after the rapper’s death, his mother had said she was going to sue for wrongful death for her son.
“We plan to sue,” she was quoted saying to Rolling Stone following his death. “This happened backstage at an event. Someone has to be held accountable,” she said, suggesting festival security was partially to blame. “He was hit in his neck. I saw him when I went to the hospital,” she continued. “They said it’s a homicide, so I wasn’t able to hug him or kiss him or anything like that. I had to look at him through a window,” the grieving mother said.

“I need this to be out there. I need people to know. And I do want justice for my son. And I do believe that justice will be served,” she added. “I will not rest until justice is served.”

Meanwhile, Wack100 claims he spoke with Drakeo The Ruler’s family who denied the reports.

“I just spoke to the family @iamloyaltyandroyalty All Stories about @drakeotheruler needing donations for a burial is false,” Wack wrote. “All you blogs should be ashamed of yourself. Nephew had the bag & what they can’t get to I got !! HIS FUNERAL HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR BY THE FAMILY.”