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Romeich Chided Jamaicans Says Shenseea Get More Love From Foreigners

Romeich Shenseea

Shenseea manager Romeich Major chided Jamaicans saying she gets much more love from foreigners.

To demonstrate that Jamaicans are often critical of their homegrown talent, artiste manager and music producer Romeich Major took to social media to call out critics who bashed Shenseea for her cover of Beyonce‘s “Nothing But Love.”

Late Thursday, the “Blessed” singer went on Instagram and posted a clip of her belting out the song. The singer was happy to share with her fans a song she said that she loved and found powerful. Though she was eager to share the love, it was not love she got in return, as some comments were harsh.

One individual posted, “Who gon tell her? Ok I will …sorry but you can’t sing like you think you can.” Another went for her jugular with, “Good try but put some more emotion into your singing. When Beyonce performs this song you can feel the emotion. I don’t feel anything from your singing. Fix it and come again.”

These and other such comments got Romeich riled up enough to address those who he referred to as ‘haters’ on his Instagram page. He did not mince words as he expressed that wherever things are shared locally, Shenseea gets more hate than praise, but when the same things are posted internationally, it is always the other way around. The assessment has now left him to believe that it is the natural mentality of Jamaicans to revel in tearing each other down.


Pulling no punches and taking no prisoners, Romeich made his thoughts abundantly clear.

“Let me show you why you should just work hard and don’t give a care in the world about what people say,” Romeich wrote. “So @thetropixs post Shenseea singing and 80% negative comment came from our Jamaican fans. Hear me a say, our Jamaican people no problem, you’re free to share your views. Then a huge platform like @theshaderoom posts the same video and 80% or more of the people across the world appreciate and love the same video of her singing. This says a lot. I will just leave it here and you tell me the reason why our people, our friends, our family don’t support us like outsiders. Also, this goes for every single artiste they have done it to, from the greats to the new.”

Many were quick to agree with the record producer as they felt that he stated nothing but facts or, as one person shared, “A king gets no honor in his own country.”

Others stated that a lot of times, it is a matter of some people questioning why someone else’s life seems to be running smoothly while theirs is in turmoil, and therefore they cannot be happy for anyone else as they are ‘bad mind.’

Some offered up another theory as they said that some Jamaicans do not see their local artistes are being valuable until others from outside of our shores endorse them. They will then jump on the bandwagon solely because international institutions and individuals recognize and say that they are worthy.