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Jada kingdom Delivers Powerful Performance In “Jungle” Visual

Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom delivers a powerful performance in “Jungle” visual.

Though her song has been getting heavy rotation since it dropped in October 2021, entertainer Jada Kingdom decided to treat her fans to a performance video of “Jungle,” which she released on Thursday, January 06. The former swimsuit model-turned singer showed off her sweet, softer side, all glammed up in an elegant green couture gown. She kept it real and honest with the cameras as she delved into the lyrics of the song, which spoke about the harsh reality of many Jamaicans who struggle to survive in an environment that is tainted, toxic, and turbulent.

With “Jungle,” she pays keen attention to how poverty has reduced the humanity of many Jamaicans who have more access to bullets than bread, are more comfortable sleeping with a gun than a girlfriend, and how it is a vicious cycle of kill or be killed. Though the lyrics are dark and even at times fatalistic, Kingdom manages to sing the song in such a manner that instead of being discouraged by the harshness of the topic, music lovers will be intrigued enough to want to hear more and will listen to the end. Those are some of Kingdom’s biggest assets, her tone, and musicality as she facilitates fans having a better understanding of her psyche through her musical portrayals.

The 2-minute song was produced by Republic Records. The performance video that is all glam and chic is also a direct contrast to her subject matter of grit, grime, and gunplay. As Kingdom caresses the lyrics, she tells a tale of people fighting hard to hold on to a dream that has become a nightmare in short order as life in the ghetto makes one susceptible to just about any danger.

“Careful how yuh moving when yuh walk outta street / Man dem over yasuh have more guns than police / Hungry man ah rob to put some food on his plate,” Jada Kingdom sings.

Fans of the “Budum” artiste are already endorsing the new video. One commented, “I like that she decided to do the video this way, It gives you a chance to really focus on what she’s saying.” while another chimed, “I will never stop saying this! Jada is a very talented female!”