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Gucci Mane’s Artist Ralo Gets First Court Hearing In Years For Marijuana Case


It looks Atlanta rapper Ralo will finally have his day in court after four years. The Gucci Mane 1017 signee updated his fans via Instagram on January 4.

The court date is set for March 15, according to him, and he will get the chance to defend against the marijuana trafficking charges against him. In true Ralo fashion, he also took the opportunity to let his fellow inmates know that he had new music available for them. Music that they can apparently download in jail.

Ralo expressed his relief at hearing the news as he posted, “After 4 years of being dragged through all these different jails and COVID BS, I finally got a date set March 15.”

The Atlanta rapper also included a heartfelt apology to everyone he’s ever offended in the post, as he noted that he didn’t want to go to court with any negativity surrounding him. He asked that if these people forgive him that they also say a prayer for him and not against him.

The “My Brothers” rapper also asked his fans and sympathizers to log on to FAMERICANEWS.COM to see if there was any way they could help his cause.

It’s around then he also decided to plug his new music.

“On another note the feds finally allowed my music to be sold in they prison system, so tell anybody you know in the feds to go download all my music off the Corrilinks system. Assalamualaikum and #HappyNewYear #FreeRalo,” he said.

Last year Ralo confidently stated that the judge in his matter had requested that the case be finished by the end of 2021 and that his lawyers had requested that he be freed based on time served.

Also, using Instagram to update fans back in October last year, he said that the judge had scheduled that his entire case be finished by December.

“My lawyers asking for time served. I need letters an some good people that’s willing to come testify that they will help me stay on the right path while I’m on the 3 years probation. I also agreed to talk to the youth,” he added at the time.

Some of the big names in hip hop, like, Drake, Meek Mill, and Killer Mike, also joined the cause and signed a letter to President Joe Biden in 2021 requesting that the rapper be shown some form of clemency. Sports stars NBA player John Wall and NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders also signed the letter.

There’s no doubt that the time behind bars has been tough for the rapper who made this known to his Instagram followers late last year in another Instagram post.

In that candid post, he shared about how the day he was arrested unfolded and how he thought that it was all over for him. He added that he went into jail expecting to be there for a very long time.

Even though that was his mindset seeing his daughter and son breakdown into tears as they visited him in jail made him gather new resolve and try his best to get his freedom so that he could try to help other people in the same position.

According to that post, he began praying, and that’s when things started changing, and freedom looked likely. However, he will not know his fate until that court hearing on March 15.