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Yaya Mayweather Calls NBA YoungBoy ‘Dent’ Forehead, Cried Over Gervonta Davis, Ex-BFF Claims

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Floyd Mayweather, Yaya Mayweather, NBA YoungBoy

A former friend of Iyanna ‘Yaya’ Mayweather is spilling the beans and seems to have confirmed that Yaya Mayweather and Gervonta Davis were involved and that she alleged referred to NBA YoungBoy as “dent” forehead.

The superstar boxer and Iyanna were previously linked as Gervonta was under her father, Floyd Mayweather’s management. At the time, though, they both denied it as Iyanna was underage, but one of Gervonta’s baby mommas had claimed that they were indeed involved.

The ex-friend, who goes by the name Blu posted screenshots online after she accused Iyanna of trying to gossip to another friend about her.

She then said that Yaya Mayweather was depressed over Davis getting another woman pregnant.

“I mean really what could you tell Gigi about me? That you were my friend and was crying to me about Gervonta getting that girl pregnant you was depressed and I was there for you g.”

She added that Iyanna also engaged in a sexual relationship with NBA Youngboy despite knowing that she (Blu) was seeing him. The woman claims Iyanna tried to convince her not to date the rapper, who now has seven kids.

“And then you went and f**** YB! After telling me don’t fw with him he ain’t right, he got too many kids, his dents in his forehead.”

The news linking Iyanna and Gervonta has been circulating for years but has not been confirmed. To make matters worse, Davis and Mayweather have been beefing after Davis began dating the famous boxer’s ex-girlfriend, also called Yaya. The two had confirmed their relationship in early 2020, but Yaya later left him for rapper Yo Gotti.

As for Iyanna and NBA Youngboy, the two share a one-year-old baby boy named Kentrell Gaulden Jr., after his father. The two appeared to still be in a relationship, but while he was in jail, another woman Jazlyn Mychell, who gave birth to a baby in 2021 for the rapper.

The two of them appear to be in a relationship still. The relationship with Iyanna and NBA Youngboy was also toxic and resulted in her facing charges for stabbing one of his baby mommas. The case is presently before the court.

Iyanna reacted to the comments late Monday night.

“It’s 2022 and it’s getting ready to be my son’s 1st birthday I’m not letting lies and negativity get to me. God Bless,” she said on her Instagram Stories.