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Usher, T-Pain Bury Beef, Hugged It Out On Stage Dave Chappelle’s Atlanta Show

Usher T-Pain

Usher and T-Pain have buried their beef.

While the two did not really have major beef, T-Pain had revealed earlier this year in June that some comments made by Usher sent him into a four-year depression. On Sunday, November 21, the two music veterans got up on stage together in a show of camaraderie at an after-party concert thrown by Dave Chappelle in Atlanta. The concert was in celebration of Chappelle’s new and untitled documentary. Fans who gathered were treated to the show and a stand-up routine.

T-Pain explained in June what he believed kick-started his long journey and battle against depression. The clip, which went, viral was from a then-upcoming Netflix series called This is Pop.

According to the “Bartender” artist, Usher’s comments had to do with his use of Auto-Tune to make music and the fact that he believed this was negatively affecting other artists who rely on pure vocals.

“And he said, ‘I’m gonna tell you something, man. You kinda f***ed up music’,” T-Pain said at the time. “I was like, ‘What did I do? I came out and I used Auto-Tune.'”

The Auto-Tune singer said that was the start of his depression that lasted for four years.

Since then, there hadn’t been much done to address the issues from the pair. However, from the looks of a secretly leaked video clip, there’s no love lost between the duo. The clip was filmed secretly because Chapelle requested that fans not bring their phones into the party.

T-Pain seems to have initiated the moment after he stated, “I love you, bro. I’m telling you, we ain’t going through nothing, bro. We ain’t going through a god damn thing. It’s all love. In a time when we’re divided the most, we need to be together the most. I love you, bro. I’m never not gonna love you, bro, trust me.”

A genuine response did not seem to be forthcoming from Usher on addressing the issue before this moment. He made the comments during a Billboard interview in August. His initial response to the news at the time was that he had no idea what T-Pain was talking about. He also said he was a little taken aback at the comments since he and the “I’m Sprung” artist were on good terms.

During an interview on The Angie Martinez Show on Power 105.1 just last week, T-Pain confirmed that the issue was never discussed.

“I texted him and I was like, ‘Yo, I know you saw what happened. I know you saw the interview.’ ‘Cause I told his A&R about the interview years ago because he was asking me to work with Usher,” Pain explained to Angie Martinez.

T-Pain also recalled hitting up Usher, reminding him about what happened, and telling him all that he said in the interview was the truth.

He also shared the response that he got back from the “U Got It Bad” singer who told him to have a phone conversation, but T-Pain said Usher never called him and he never heard back from the R&B singer since that conversation, at least until now when they meet face to face.

While the clip did not go on to show Usher’s response to T-Pain’s comments on stage, it’s safe to say from the looks of the genuine hug between the two that this feud is done.