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D’Angel Launches Adults Only ‘Exposed’ Tour Starts Friday


When it comes to the raunchy side of dancehall, D’Angel is an expert on the matter. The songstress has made it clear that the inspiration for her upcoming Exposed tour is only for those 18-years-old and over because, according to her words, it’s going to be “x-rated and raw.”

D’Angel has always been quite proud of her body and is not afraid to share it tastefully with her fans. In June 2020, she joined the adult site OnlyFans, much to the consternation of some, like her ex-husband Beenie Man. Her page flourished as she shared content, and in August this year, she showed off her earnings when she purchased a brand new 2021 BMW X4 from ATL Motors, valued at about JM$16 million, or roughly US$105,000.

The “Exposed” singer spoke with the STAR and explained that the tour is going to be in an adult space or a club. She made it clear that children will not be allowed to come into those selected clubs. That being said, it doesn’t mean that she is against doing a children’s show. That’s because she believes that her catalog can be tailored to suit any type of celebration or party.

The motivation for the tour may have also come from her association with OnlyFans, as that seems to be the concept behind her upcoming EP. She’s already released the title track, “Exposed,” back in 2020. The motivation behind the track seems to come from the leak of some of her semi-nude images from her OnlyFans account.

D’Angel explained that for the entire of 2020 into 2021, she was exposed by some unscrupulous people who leaked her photos. She decided to take power back and not be ashamed of her body or how she want to use it. The tour will also coincide with her 16th anniversary of being in dancehall.

D Angel and Beenie Man
D Angel & Beenie Man | IG

“I will be surprising people. When I’m on stage, I’m fearless. I own the stage. I transform into something different. Sometimes I feed off the audience, but you just never know what you’re going to get. I’m in rehearsals; I’m at the gym. Everything is strategic. I’m going to use a lot of props, and it’s going to be a full entertainment package,” she continued.

The tour is expected to get going in the US this Friday, October 22, in Houston. She will also tour New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. The “Mind Yuh Business” singer also shared that she had already been to the US to promote the tour last summer. According to her, there is demand for her music in the US.

She also shared that a European tour was in the works but was uncertain at this time because of the pandemic. That being said, her music is being requested around the world, she added.

“I had a Europe tour pending, but because of the pandemic, it was postponed. Everywhere is opening likkle by likkle, so I know my pending Europe tour will come, among other things, but everybody is calling – Canada, UK, the Caribbean,” she said.

The sultry diva has already gone into advertising mode for the tour on her Instagram page. In one of her posts where she poses topless, with her chest covered by her hair, she posted, “Booked! Nyc November 20th. Exposed Launch party. Pull up fi dis! Exposed is now 2.8M Views and counting. Thank you for the support my Angels.”

In another post, where she shows a lot more skin, she said, “Happy Fridayyyy! Exposed USA Tour Loading. Xrated & Raw. Btw full set on ‘Only Fans’.”