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‘Sim Simma’ Beenie Man Ex-Wife D’Angel Cash Out Her OnlyFans On New Bimmer

Beenie Man’s ex-wife D’Angel cash out her OnlyFans check on a new Bimmer.

The “I’m Blessed” singer got a spectacular surprise when she picked up her brand new 2021 BMW X4 from ATL Motors, costing JM$16 million, roughly US$105,000. ATL Motors is known to make every car handover super special, and they pulled all the stops for Michelle D’Angel Downer. The party atmosphere was completed with a banner with photos of D’Angel and her single “Ah Mine” blasting from her new BMW X4 SUV.

The song “Ah Mine” was recorded in response to the backlash D’Angel got when she had joined the social media platform OnlyFans. The OnlyFans website is geared towards persons sharing their special skills and have fans pay to see their content. It has become popular for the pornographic content its members share.

D’Angel shared a clip of herself standing in front her new whip. “When God’s about to bless you and take you to another level stay humble,” she wrote.

Earlier this month, OnlyFans had announced that such content would be banned, but they swiftly roll back the change following protests from members. D’Angel had said she would not have an issue with OnlyFans banning pornographic content as what she posted didn’t fall within that category.

The mom of one faced severe criticisms when she joined OnlyFans. Yet it seems it is Beenie Man‘s ex-wife who has the last laugh as she danced while showing off her ride to her fans in a video posted to her Instagram. She proudly showed off the vehicle registration documents to confirm that it was indeed her vehicle, stating, “Ah my name dey pon d title, right dey so…yuh have some gyal buy dem tings inna dem name and tek it back… couldn’t do dis, do dis mek me see…16mil no bank cash.”

The caption for the video hinted that her OnlyFans account, which she had described before as a key income earner for her, was one of the reasons she was able to afford her new wheels.

“I can’t go out, I’m sick ? LOOK AT GOD!!! LOOK WHAT HARD WORK AND PERSEVERANCE DID!!! Thanks to the @atlautomotive team for this big surprise handover! @margou_t yuh come right out #gudgyal #yuhcouldntdodis #onlyfans,” she wrote.

The golden car was only outshined by D’Angel’s excitement as she showed off the swag that came with the car, which included a golden bottle of Bottega champagne, and BMW branded cap, an umbrella, and other collectibles.