Sean Paul Preps Another Collab With Sia ‘Dynamite’, Cut Dubs For Cardi B Birthday Bash

Sean Paul
Sean Paul

Sean Paul got another banger with Sia coming and he ensured Cardi B’s “Passa Passa” birthday bash was lit with a fire dubplate.

While he wasn’t physically present, Sean Paul makes his own splash at Cardi B’s dancehall-themed birthday party with a dub-cut version of his single, “Temperature,” and appearances of his other singles, “Get Busy” and “Go Down Deh.” Despite not being able to attend Cardi’s grand birthday gala, Sean Paul showed his support by remixing his single, “Temperature,” just for her. The dancehall legend also did the same treatment for a couple more of his notable hits.

On his Instagram page, he posted a video with clips of her party, with the audio being his remixed version of the song. Cardi happily wined to the song with many of the stars onstage. “An yuh done know seh right now Sean Paul affi mek dem know/ Yuh see we?/ We haffi big up Offset yzeet” deejays the ‘Temperature’ artist.

He continued, “Oh Lord, gyal I got the right tactics to turn you on/And Cardi, wanna be the pappa you can be the mom oh oh.”

Sean Paul also shared various Instagram Story posts from Jamaican DJ Jr Chromatic showcasing his song, “Get Busy,” which was mixed as a special birthday rendition as well.

“Shake dat ting, Cardi Birthday, shake dat ting, Cardi B, Jodi and Rebecca, Cardi B get busy, girl shake dat booty,” deejayed Sean Paul just for Cardi.

Unfortunately, he could not be there for his collaboration with Spice and Shaggy on the song “Go Down Deh,” however, Spice’s presence more than made up for his absence, and to fans’ surprise, she was out-wined by Megan The Stallion and her infamously good knees.

Sean has not made any comments on his inability to attend the star-studded event, but fans speculate he was too busy in the studio with his many upcoming projects. Just yesterday, he announced his new single, “Dynamite,” featuring Sia, which would make it his second collaboration with the Australian artiste. Last week, he released the Jeremiah Asiamah remix of his single, “Only Fanz.”


Sean Paul previously collaborated with Sia on “Cheap Thrills” which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2016. The two are looking to replicate the success of that single with their upcoming track “Dynamite.”

As Paul continues working, working, and working, fans do not doubt that they will see the fruits of his labor very soon.