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Cardi B Cues 90s Dancehall ‘Passa Passa’ 29th Birthday Bash: “come ready to skin out”

Cardi B and Offset

Cardi B turns 29 today and she is hosting a huge birthday bash dubbed, Passa Passa.

Cardi B is hyping up her upcoming birthday celebration, which will be a Jamaican 90s dancehall-themed party, and she wants her attendees to come prepared for the party in their best dancehall fashion.

It’s no secret that Cardi loves dancehall music as last year she was seen wining up and “dashing out” at her 28th birthday party to the likes of Spice’s “So Mi Like It,” Popcaan’s “My Type” as well as Vybz Kartel’s “Fever” and even Mr. Vegas “Hot Wuk.”

Cardi B has Black Trinidadian and Dominican (Republic) heritage, so for her, dancehall is definitely the kind of music she will have at her birthday party, especially since she revealed in 2019 that she was Spice’s biggest fan at the BET Awards in 2019. She also grew up listening to dancehall music in the Bronx and also has collaborated with numerous dancehall acts over the years.

After a smashing birthday party in 2020 which saw her twerking to Vybz Kartel on her husband, Offset, on the floor and the wall, and her friends, the “Wap” singer is set to have another birthday bash complete with 90s dancehall-inspired costumes.

“Yes it’s true! The Dress code is dancehall! Bring out ya best Caribbean Dancehall looks!” she tweeted on Sunday as she hyped up her birthday.

She also shared a video of comedian Pretty Vee in a dancehall outfit as she performed Shabba Ranks’ “Ting-A-Ling” in a colorful dancehall style outfit announcing her party.

“I can’t wait for my birthday passa passa party!!!!! Ya Think LA ready?!! Imma battle you,” Cardi says to Pretty Vee, who gives instruction for a choreographed video announcing Cardi’s party -“Cardi B passa passa passa party a gwan, dancehall party a gwan Monday…front out, batty cock out, skin out, flex out,” she says.

Passa Passa is the name of a former popular street dance party in Kingston, Jamaica, known for its eye-popping fashion designs as the women showed up decked out to outdo each other. It is reflective of the rich dancehall culture, which also included shocking dance stunts that have taken the world by storm.

Cardi B shared a series of 90s photos where the women wore outfits at dancehall parties, including colorful wigs and sexy outfits as inspiration for what her guests can decide to wear to the event. These included colorful cutout catsuits and bodysuits, shorts, and other net designs.