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Vybz Kartel’s Protege Sikka Rymes Cash Out On ‘Custom’ Mercedes-Benz

Sikka Rymes reaping the fruits of his labor of being in the game for a few years and being mentored by one of the GOATs, Vybz Kartel.

Hailed as the Worl’Boss right-hand man, Sikka Rymes, is no stranger to the high life. In his latest music video for “Custom,” he’s clearly showing that he still enjoys the finer things, as, among other features, he uses the video to showcase his Mercedes-Benz CLA 250.

In the video, he proudly displays his black customized Benz, but make no mistake, his message remains that with hard work, you can enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. He spoke with the STAR as he gave some insight into the video and why he felt he deserved to show off his accomplishments.

The “Champagne Campaign” singer said even though it was a tough year for many people because of the pandemic, he still felt proud of being able to withstand the tough times and produce good music. “I am proud to be able to accomplish, especially in a time when things are harder to progress,” he added.

Sikka Rymes
Sikka Rymes Mercedes Benz

Another accomplishment that the artist can add is that the track was produced by his label Sikk Records. The video also seems to be doing well and has garnered over 80,000 views since its release on September 24. For Sikka Rymes, the track is in line with his brand of music, and he chooses to keep it real with his fans.

He added that “Custom” is a good vibe song, and he thinks that fans are enjoying it. He also revealed that he’s working on his debut album, which he hopes will be released soon. Fans can look out for some exciting features, he continued.

While working on that, Sikka Rymes is also looking to bring back the ‘Upmove’ merchandise franchise. He said that the line would have some new designs and items that would soon be available for purchase from his website.