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Jadakiss Told Naomi Asaka He Wants A Collaboration With Cordae

Jada Kiss says he wants to collaborate with Cordae.

Could a generation-crossover hip-hop track be in the cards for Cordae and Jadakiss? While there is no solid answer to that question just yet, Jada seized the opportunity to put his wishes out there when he ran into tennis superstar and Cordae’s current girlfriend Naomi Osaka recently. As he exited the building, the seasoned rapper showered Osaka with compliments and asked her to pass on a message for him.

“You’re incredible. I love you,” Jadakiss told Naomi. “Let Cordae know that he gotta get one with Kiss for my bucket list,” he added. The tennis star smiled at the rapper and thanked him for his compliment but made no promises to deliver his request. Of course, by now, the video clip that was shared by DJ Akademiks and has been making the rounds online has a greater chance of being seen by Cordae firsthand, allowing him to respond if he is so inclined.

Cordae is having an incredible run as a young artist in his early career. The former YBN rapper has notably gained recognition from some of the most famous rap veterans still in the game, including Eminem and Lil Wayne. His freshman studio album Lost Boy was released by Atlantic Records and Art@War in 2019 and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

It also spawned his hit song “Bad Idea,” which was nominated for Best Rap Song. Later in 2020, the rapper earned his first No. 1 hit with “Gifted” featuring Roddy Ricch, and the following year he made his TV show debut in The CW network’s TV drama All American.

Though the interaction between Jadakiss and Naomi Osaka was kept short, it was enough to get fans buzzing online about the possible collaboration between the two Grammy-nominated rappers. Cordae has mentioned on a few occasions that he can be instrumental in bridging the generational gap in old and new school hip-hop due to his understanding of both and his musical background. Already Cordae has collaborated with the likes of Nas, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, and more. Could Jadakiss be next on that list?