Tony Matterhorn Explains Why He Thinks Shenseea Don’t Have Core Dancehall Fans Support

Tony Matterhorn thinks Shenseea doesn’t have the support of hardcore dancehall fans and he knows why.

Shenseea has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to become a major influence in dancehall. With her international career burgeoning now, some in the industry have become critical of her success. At least one veteran, known for courting controversy within recent times, Tony Matterhorn, believes she is poised for success but will have to work much harder as her career continues to grow.

According to the veteran dancehall selector, it has less to do with her talent and more about how she broke into the genre. He made the comment while being interviewed by IG comedian Jai Frais and his co-host, Chevi, on their YouTube podcast, Let’s Be Honest, earlier in September.

While he did admit he respected her work ethic and positive attitude, Tony Matterhorn said it still comes back down to how she got her start and that she had a lot of money being pumped into her image. He added that she would have to conquer these types of thoughts from fans before she can truly say that she is a major player in the dancehall arena.

The “Dutty Wine” singer described her beginnings as “test-tube” success.

“Shen Shen is such a vibrant girl dat it nah go matter to her but hear wah Shenseea ago always face. They not gonna give Shenseea the ratings weh she deserve as a hardworking person because a how she buss,” he said.

He added: “She’s a test-tube baby. She is very talented and she bad, but to the typical Jamaican person…the mere fact that Shen Shen buss because a money, it override the talent part.”

It’s because of this why she will always have to work harder than her peers in the industry, Matterhorn continued.

“Fi a period of years she a fi go just go through dat,” he continued. “She a fi wait till she put in more work which she is doing. The longer she do dat, after a while it’s going to override the fact that you were just a likkle girl dat dem used money to boost up,” he said.

Even as the debate rages on, it doesn’t really seem to matter to Shenseea, who has said on multiple occasions that she’s not in it for accolades but because of her genuine love of dancehall.

You can check out what Matterhorn had to say below.