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The Game Speak Out After New Accusations He’s Scamming Artists

The Game

The Game is not amused by rumors circulating that he’s a scammer. The rumors first started earlier this year when he was accused of scamming thousands of dollars from several artists. An accusation he heavily denied.

Some of the rappers and artists claim that The Game was among a clique of artists who have been charging them a fee to promote their music but not following through on their word. Those first set of allegations started in March when an Instagram account with the name, the foo community, published a post leveling the accusations.

“He doesn’t upload on his verified SoundCloud account, he uploads on a separate account with only 266 followers,” the post stated. “In addition, he doesn’t market it on Instagram or Facebook, nor makes an appearance on any on the songs,” it further alleged.

At that time, he responded by saying that he was only trying to uplift artists with “dope opportunities.”

The Game is once again been called upon to defend himself as recently a woman claimed that he charged her $1,000 to have her song included on one of his mixtapes. She also claimed that he was promoting the tape at the time and that she confronted him when he didn’t come through. According to her, he laughed in her face.

She further alleges that the mixtape was not posted to Game’s official page but to an alternate SoundCloud account with barely any followers, which sounds eerily similar to the earlier accusations.

“The Hate It or Love It” rapper has vehemently denied any insinuation that he is scamming young and unknown artists. On a Neighborhood Talk’s post, he said, “Please stop wit the fake news.”

He added, “I ain’t never scammed nobody in my life out of nothing !!!! If you want sumn to post, holla at me n I’ll do sumn to help y’all weird a*s blog out.”

Check out The Game’s response below.