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Anthony Fantano Is Not Impressed By Drake’s “CLB” Despite Chart Success


Anthony Fantano is not impressed by CLB and he’s not holding back in a review that left fans with mixed feelings. Drake’s latest album has been touted in competition against Kanye West’s Donda.

However, it seems that the music reviewer who critically assessed Donda at a 7/10 rating does not feel Drake’s Certified Lover Boy giving it a 3/10 score. Both albums have been pitted against each other by fans and even the artists themselves in a supposed beef which has been suspected to be all part of a large marketing scheme to sell music by Kanye West and Drake.

However, the first thing fans have done since the albums dropped was compare them side by side. It appears though that Drake’s album is the least favourite of the two or atleast that’s the case for Fantano who released his review days after CLB’s drop.

Fantano started his review by calling the album a “Certified snoozer.”

While he rated the overall album at a 3/10, he does agree that a few tracks like “Fair Trade,” “Yebba’s Heartbreak,” and “You Only Live Twice,” are good but he completely trashes the Future and Young Thug-feature “Way 2 Sexy.”

Fantano says the  album lacked creativity.

“Once again, I’ll sum this up by saying this is just a very uninspired record from Drake,” he says in the final moments of his review. “Not a whole lot going on here creatively. A few decent tracks here and there but nothing coming together into a great project here.”

Of course fans were divided on the music reviewer’s words with some agreeing with him and others disagreeing. Some however noted that the latest review of CLB cements the dominance of Donda over Certified Lover Boy.