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Yung Bleu Says He Got A Song With Nicki Minaj Coming Messaging Her On Twitter

Yung Bleu is noted as among the upcoming talents to watch, and with the recent release of his debut studio album Moon Boy, the rapper is on the rise. Among those who have placed support behind him are folks like Nicki Minaj.

Yung Bleu has stated he was a fan of the Queen of Rap music and has made it known that he wants to make music with her.

In June, he put out his intentions, and it seems that he’s making progress on his request.

While out at Sony Hall in New York City on September 7, the rapper hinted that he was making a record with Nicki Minaj and almost released it to his excited fans! In response to questions, Yung Bleu let the cat out of the bag.

“I didn’t say I did that, but I’m working on a song with this artist from this city, and I wanted you all to hear this sh*t just to see if you all think it will work out,” Yung Bleu told the NYC crowd. “I don’t know if you know somebody named Nicki Minaj? Y’all know somebody named Nicki Minaj?” he asked.

Fans reacted stunned but quickly regained composure as they cheered.

However, the rapper didn’t let them hear the record, but after consulting with his team, he sang the record acapella. However, he stopped short of revealing more and noted that he was still working on finishing up the song and had to leave to promote his next show in New Jersey.

The rapper has been wishful of late since releasing his debut album and putting out a list of artists he wants to work on features with, including Nicki Minaj on top of his list, Rihanna, Anthony Hamilton, Maroon 5, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, and Andre 3000.

Following that, his tweet got the attention of the Barbz Queen, who later liked the tweet. He shared his reaction to fans, and it appears that the feature came through after all.

“WTF,” he wrote after seeing Nicki’s like on his tweet. “LET ME GET SOME SONGS READY IN CASE SHE REPLY TO MY DM,” he wrote on Twitter.