Jamaican influencer/Artist Mackerel Reveals Pregnancy

Jamaican influencer and upcoming artist Ladaisha ‘Mackerel’ Francis is displaying her pregnant belly even as she has attempted to hide her pregnancy for weeks now.

Fans couldn’t help but notice her belly, but Mackerel has not addressed the questions. Mackerel became popular over her saying, “people man nice and comfortable,” and has since become a viral sensation promoting stealing other women’s men.

In more recent times, however, Mackerel has become an influencer as she promotes Jamaican businesses. Her pregnancy has come as a shock, however, to her 245K fans who follow her on Instagram as many expressed concern about her wellbeing and position in life.

Francis previously disclosed that she was thrown out into the streets by her mother when she was 15 years old and had to live with older men in order to avoid homelessness and to survive.

At just 18-years old social media fame found her, but her words were wise beyond her years as she reasoned out her decision to live with older men rather than on the streets where she might have faced rape and other forms of abuse. According to Francis, her mother did not show her the love and care she needed, which later manifested in her seeking it from willing older men.

Now 21-years-old, Francis already has a son who she says was born to a man with who she had her first sexual encounter at just 12 years old. The man is older than her, but Francis has refused to disclose his name or information for fear that he might be arrested for statutory rape.

In the meantime, her fans were not so pleased about her pregnancy.

“Who’s husband is this baby for I’m just asking, wow,” one person commented. “wrong time mi ithink u get pregnant still bout [sic] congratulations,” another person said.

Others questioned her ability to be a mother again since her first child lives with the father.

“wonder what kind of role model ur going to be to this kid it sad to know sometimes some of u get pregnant relly shouldn’t the poor child,” one of her followers wrote under a video of her dancing and twerking in a white jumpsuit.

Meanwhile, others mused about who could be the father of the child. Mackerel was previously linked to Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith, the so-called spiritual advisor of dancehall artist Spice, dancer Marvin the Beast, as well as artist Intence, and some have even named Skilibeng as a potential father.

Mackerel has not confirmed who the father of her child is.