Popcaan Looking For The Best Producers & Hints At New Unruly Vodka Line

Popcaan looking for some “bad” producers to work on his new album and might be dropping his own line of Vodka.

The “Relevant” artist shared on social media that he was looking for the best music producer as he is now in album mode. Popcaan, who is presently in England, recently shared that he was making new music as he shared videos of himself in the studio. On Tuesday, the artist shared his plans with fans as he asked for suggestions for the best producer.

“@ the best producer u kno #AlbumMode,” he said, adding, “AU Vodka 4warding soon!!”

Popcaan shared an image of him pouring liquid from a gold-tinted bottle trimmed in green into a glass.

Popcaan is no stranger to business as he has several business ventures aside from his upcoming Vodka drop. Popcaan has the Unruly Cannabis tea sold by the Unruly Shop in England.

It’s unclear Popcaan’s connection to the shop, but Unruly is his catchphrase and has become a brand associated with the deejay’s label and various merchandising.

Popcaan also shared that he is releasing a new collaboration at the Unruly Shop, which not only caters to males by offering male merch but also females with Popcaan debuting hoop earrings and gold necklaces branded Unruly.

The artist also shared photos of different merchandise on his Instagram stories for both women and men and also a clothing collab with Daily Paper featuring the colors of the Jamaican flag.