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London On Da Track Slams Summer Walker Over Social Media Rant

London On Da Track responds to Summer Walker rant about him being a deadbeat dad.

Summer Walker says that the father of her daughter producer London on Da Track has been sending her threats and that if anything were to happen to her, “it was him.” The pair has had a dramatic relationship, and it seems that now with them co-parenting, they continue to have problems.

In messages posted on her Instagram account, Summer Walker blasted London On Da Track for interfering in her dating life as he warns persons around her of her involvement with another man.

“London calling & dm’ng [sic] everyone around me cause he BLOCKED talking bout if you care around Summer get that n**** away from her,” she said on her Instagram Story. “So if anything happens to me it was him. Ghetto baby daddy from hell. I be minding my business & NEVER call him unless it’s because the well being of my child,” she said.

Walker added that the other man London was warning others about has stepped into the role of father as London has neglected his daughter for the last two months.

“Smh crazy mf. & ‘that n**** has been raising raising your child since 2 months cause you ain’t sh*t & wouldn’t help me. You need to stop threatening people & tell him thank you, f***in’ weirdo.”

Walker didn’t stop there as she shared several other posts as she continued to bash London.

“I be trying so hard to mind my business, n***a so pressed. & come get this car, I don’t want nothing from you n this sh*t ain’t even paid for. I like my cars paid OFF. … One of y’all hoes PLEASE put some good pu**y on that man so he can leave me and my family alone. Thank you,” Summer said.

Meanwhile, the producer took the time to publicly responding to Walker’s claims as he said her mental health was in a poor place.

“Sh*t so goofy sh*t ain’t even funny,” he said. “I really be trynna spare shawty cuz I understand her mental health ain’t where it need to be. But da lying sh*t gotta stop.”

London On Da Track added that she’s lying about him sending her “calls” and “DM,” and said in relation to the car, “that sh*t bout the truck cute too… I’ma have somebody come get that sh*t tomorrow… Put the jewelry in the arm rest. I don’t want u to have nothing u don’t want,” he said.

The rapper also took the time to insult Walker about her body as she recently showed off her results from breast augmentation.

He said his finances were solid and that he could buy “5 Teslas,” while Summer was “still making payments on ya a*s n titties talkin’ bout a car.”

The producer also countered her claims that he was a deadbeat dad, saying that it’s cap, “everybody around me know how I am wit my kids.”

The producer has two other children. Summer Walker later responded with a video in which she called out London and Erica Eboni to leave her alone.

“Y’all was f***ing terrorizing me for two years bro cause I was with the n***** I gave him back for the same reasons y’all was terrorizing me for two years,” Walker said as she became dramatic and used her hands in a throwing motion to signal how she gave London back.

“I don’t know what y’all think this is, but we’re not doing this for the next 18 years bro. I tried to be cool with all of y’all, I tried to be the big happy family and have everybody over for Christmas….Eboni you told me you tried to meet me…I told him [London] bring her here I want to talk to her… brought you here…and we talked.”

Walker said she told Erica that she was willing to work to make the family unit work so the children can know each other. However, Erica said she was not interested and wanted to fight her.

She added that she had to keep dealing with issues when all she wanted was to have her child and get married. “leave me alone,” she tells both Erica and London.

She said she went on a date and the next day London had sent her threats.

Meanwhile, the drama was a back and forth with Erica defending London.

“Summer over there talking all that monkey sh*t about London y’all don’t fall for her mentaliy stuck on stupid and ungrateful. Nobody even knew this stripper b**** before London made her,” she said.

She added that Summer was making it seem as if London was not caring for his children when “the case is he just doesn’t want you anymore.”

Fans who have been observing the drama chimed in as they sided with Summer because some reminded Erica that she was the one who had in the past claimed that London was not taking care of her children, but no is defending him to say otherwise.