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Carl Crawford Addresses Megan Thee Stallion Court Win Over “Butter” Remix With BTS

Megan Thee Stallion

Carl Crawford remains defiant despite Megan Thee Stallion scoring a major victory over him in court.

Label owner Carl Crawford is seemingly telling fans that he isn’t bothered by his latest loss in the courts against Megan Thee Stallion, who was successful in being granted permission to release new music despite Crawford’s label 1501 Certified Entertainment attempting to block her.

On Tuesday night, Carl Crawford posted a cryptic message that has fans musing that he is reacting to the latest news from the court.

“Even when I lose I still win… Don’t let that go over y’all head.”

Crawford statement on IG

Crawford’s label and Megan Thee Stallion have been locked in a battle over a 360 contract which the rapper claim is unfair to her, and she was not fully represented in the contract that takes almost all of her earnings. She also alleged that her music was being held back by the label.

1501, on the other hand, entered a defense disputing Megan’s claims and said that she was being instructed by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation that was trying to poach their artist.

On the other hand, the label continues to object to the rapper’s music releases, and the latest order by the court is a win for Megan.

The rapper is now able to release her song “Butter” remix with BTS, which is bound to bring a wider amount of fans.

In handing down the judgment, the judge noted that “failure to enter a temporary restraining order at this time would cause irreparable injury,” to Megan’s career as the rapper had to continue earning even as the matter is ongoing before the court.

The judgment also added that Carl Crawford, his label – 1501 Certified Entertainment, J. Prince, and 300 Entertainment “have recently engaged and will continue to engage in conduct preventing the release of her new music, which would irreparably damage her goodwill, reputation, and overall music career and infringes on her rights to self-expression through her music.”

Meanwhile, the release of her “Butter” remix with Korean-pop music group BTS is scheduled for release on Friday, August 27.

Her label 1501 Certified Entertainment and Crawford had objected to the song collab, saying that the collab won’t be good for Megan’s brand.

She added that the label wanted six figures in order to clear the song.

Megan and 1501’s battle continues as she claims that the label was blocking her music from being released while their contract with her is in the process of being renegotiated.

The latest ramblings between Crawford come as Megan alleged in court documents that the label and its executives violated the restraining order the court granted last year to allow her to release new music.

The court has set a new date for September 10, when deliberations will be held to determine Megan’s claim that they violated the order.