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6ix9ine Questions Why Jim Jones Not In Jail for Allegedly Putting hit On Him

Tekashi 6ix9ine asks why Jim Jones isn’t in jail for allegedly putting hit on his life.

The controversial rapper was on a live conversation set up by DJ Akademiks on Club House with 21 Savage and Wack 100 when he made the wild allegation. The two rappers have been beefing since 2019 when 6ix9ine, who was described as an “eager and cooperative witness,” provided in his testimony information on the Nine Trey gang.

The gang members were accused of murder, robbery, and narcotics trafficking, and Tekashi 6ix9ine was a member who benefitted from the street cred he received from the gang while supposedly funding their activities.

The rapper, however, in order to escape jail time, instead listed a number of people who are said to be part of the gang, including Cardi B and Jim Jones. During his testimony, 6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, told jurors and the court that he was not the only well-known rapper associated with Nine Trey.

When prosecutors asked him to identify the voices on a phone recording that caught some gang members on it, Hernandez quickly pointed out that one of the men on the recording was Jim Jones.

Hernandez referred to Jim Jones as a “retired rapper” who was a member of the Nine Trey gang.

At the time, Jim Jones did not respond.

However, on Thursday night, Tekashi again took the time to rat off a list of names of gang members before claiming that Jim Jones wanted him dead and allegedly gave the order to do so.

“Jim Jones right, he ran with the same n***gas I ran with a decade before I met him. Jim Jones, Dipset that was openly dancing on Verzuz…was running with Shotty, Casanova Jordan, Mel Matrix, Jamel Jones, Rolling Martin…..he was running with all the cats I was running with…you know what Jim Jones did? That n****a did not take care of none of them…shotty was sleeping on a rug…Jim Jones was caught on wiretap telling Jamel…telling the big homie Matrix Jamel Jones to go and get rid of my security, how you shoot him, how they aint got no licensed weapon to carry in New York,” Hernandez explained.

He added that while he himself has faced the consequences for his involvement with the gang along with others, Jones has not.


“How is that n***a free right now? Pull up the wiretap of conspiracy, attempt to commit murder, why is that n***a not in jail you tell me, why you think he don’t mention my name…put it like this, if I was on a wiretap saying ‘yo we gon kill this n***a bro, trust me the back door to his crib be open all the time, all you gotta do is hit the latch’…and we all go down and you don’t go down?”

Hernandez added that the recording should be placed on YouTube for everyone to hear.

Meanwhile, it also seems that one of the men Hernandez named was close to Kanye West, who he says was going to “Yeezy meetings” and board meetings with Kanye.

During Hernandez’s trial, the recording was leaked with the voice alleged to be Jim Jones telling another man that someone who they referred to as Shorty- a reference to himself Hernandez claims, was to be violated.

“Ain’t too much he can really do unless he go run around with 100 securities all day,” the first voice said. The second voice, alleged to be that of Jim Jones, said that “Shorty” was no longer a gang member and opened him up to be violated.

“And he ain’t a gang member no more. That’s what Shotti need to make sure he do is tell that ni**a that he not a gang member no more … he kicked out, he was never a gang member. He need to expose him… but they gone have to violate shorty cause shorty on some bullsh*t.”

The voice alleged to be Jim Jones’ continued- “[Shotti] better get to violating, he better stalk shorty every move. One of them security better get hit. Something better happen. He better start doing something. Once he start tearing the security down, ain’t nobody gonna want that job. He gone have to stay in the house pretty soon. Once security get injured, them n***as like ‘naw he too much of a liability.’”

The voice continued to encourage shotti to “tear the security up.”

Jim Jones has not responded to latest allegations by Hernandez.

On the other hand, Jones has in the past declared his innocence as he lashed out against 50 Cent, who trolled him and called him a federal informant, which is why he was not locked up.

“You have to watch out for thesde so call real ones that’s [rooting] for rats to come home and wanna see real n***as go to jail,” Jim Jones had responded to 50 Cent’s commentary on Hernandez being released from jail.