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Beenie Man Insists He Wasn’t Banned From The UK But Passport Was Restricted

Beenie Man

After over 10 years away from the United Kingdom, Beenie Man has made his return and maintains that he was never prohibited from entering the country, despite years of speculations.

The “Girls Dem Sugar” artiste arrived on British soil almost two weeks ago and is set to touch the stage later this month. In an interview with Zeze Mills, Beenie Man, born Moses Davis, cleared the air of the prolonged belief that he was banned from the United Kingdom.

Zeze promptly asked the dancehall superstar about his former travel restrictions. Beenie Man responded with a banal, “I am in the country.”

“But were you ever banned from the country?” Zeze asked, to which Beenie Man restated, “I am in the country.”

The host continued to press, “Yeah, I know you are here now. Were you ever banned?” Beenie Man then revealed that there was no point in time that he was banned from the country, explaining what went down.

“I have never (been) banned from the country. My passport was restricted for a time,” he said. “But for the time, mi decide not to fight it or contest it, yuh seet? But dis time now after di COVID, mi did really waan come si mi son and mi did really waan come talk to some people in England. Mi guh a di embassy an dem gi mi a visa and I’m here.”

Zeze proceeded to ask the “Who Am I” artiste why his visa was restricted, a question the deejay answered vaguely. “It was a court ting, you know yea. And it finish inna di court and you zeet… and now I’m here.”

Rumors that Beenie Man and several dancehall artists, including Buju Banton, Sizzla, and Elephant Man, were forbidden from entering the United Kingdom began in 2012. The UK Evening Standard had listed them as being under investigation for lyrics that the authorities say were inciting violence against homosexuals. The Standard indicated that Sizzla was banned but did not confirm the state for the others.

Beenie Man is now slated to perform in the country for the first time in 12 years at the diverse Afrobeat festival, Yam Carnival in Clapham Common, London. While many eyes will be on his grand return to the UK stage, young Reggae star Koffee will also be setting a pace at the event, along with Afrobeats acts such as Davido.

Another dancehall artiste has also broken new ground in the UK as “Promise” deejay Popcaan arrived in the United Kingdom on August 1st following allegations by the BBC that he was experiencing “travel issues” back in 2020. The reason for his visit is not yet known, but the unruly boss has been keeping fans updated on all his activities thus far via his Instagram page.