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T.I. Says The LGBTQ Community Is Bullying Rappers


T.I. says rappers are getting bullied by members of the LGBTQ community.

Tensions continue to rise on social media as Grammy-award-winning artist and producer T.I. took to Instagram live to get a few things off his chest related to the gay community. This comes after he came to the defense of DaBaby, who previously uttered crass comments about the LGBTQ+ community and persons living with HIV/AIDS while performing at the recently held Rolling Loud festival.

Tip previously took to Instagram to defend DaBaby and ended up getting slammed by some of his peers including Amber Rose. “If Lil Nas X can kick his s**t in peace…so should Da Baby #equality,” the Atlanta trapper said.

The backlash was swift as social media users slams the “No Mediocre” hitmaker coming to the defense of DaBaby after his insensitive comments.

T.I. took it a step further and took to Instagram live to say his piece about the relationship between rap culture and the LGBTQ+ community.

“Everyone is up in arms and upset about what Da Baby said. I understand people saying that they feel that it is insensitive. I think you guys have to understand that on stage is not the place that rappers go to be sensitive and to soothe everybody’s feelings.” T.I. further justified, “It seemed like it was a safe place. At least, that’s what I thought.”

“Why do words cause such a visceral reaction that will lead to someone trying to attack, villainize, demonize, crucify and condemn,” he continues. “Now you’re bullying. We all stood up on behalf of gays, lesbians, and the gay community because we thought it was some bull**** for y’all to have to be bullied. I don’t think any of us did that for you to now have the authority to come and bully us.”

This came as a result of outpouring support of social media users to members of the LGBTQ+ community, criticizing T.I. for defending the actions of the 29-year-old rapper, DaBaby.