R. Kelly Accused Of Sexually Abusing 17-Year-Old Boy He Met At McDonald’s

R. Kelly

A barrage of new accusations is being leveled against R. Kelly, who is currently awaiting trial in several states. The shocking new allegations state that the singer was involved with two boys he met at a Mcdonald’s. They were both underage.

R. Kelly is also facing accusations of bribery that he paid an employee of the state money to create a fake ID for Aaliyah, which was to allow him to marry her when she was only 15-years-old.

The legal troubles of the singer have been piling up around accusations of rape and sexual assault of young girls. However, the new allegations as put forward by prosecutors involving young boys begin to paint a picture of a predatory and dangerous person.

The news of the underage boys was first reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, which said that federal prosecutors have a list of “uncharged crimes” against the singer and members of his team.

The “uncharged crimes” involve the bribery of the state official, the sexual abuse of minors, physical abuse, and even paying “hush-money” to silence those who knew about his lifestyle.

Federal prosecutors are seeking to have those allegations entered into the singer’s upcoming trial in Brooklyn that’s set to start in August.

Among the damning allegations against the “I Believe I can Fly” singer is that he and members of his team paid “an Illinois state employee $500 to create a fake ID in 1994” for late singer Aaliyah to marry Kelly when she was just 15-years-old.

Officials claim that he married Aaliyah to stop her from testifying against him based on the law that does not allow a spouse to be a competent witness.

As for the allegations involving the teen boys, R. Kelly is accused of meeting a 17-year-old boy in 2006 at a McDonald’s, and after purporting to assist with the teen’s music aspirations, R. Kelly, while at his studio, allegedly asked the teen what he was willing to do in order to make it in the music industry. The accusations detail R.Kelly and the teen having sexual contact.

R.Kelly also later met a “close male friend who was 16 or 17,” of the first teen boy, and it’s alleged that he also had a sexual relationship with the second teen.

As if the situation couldn’t get worse, in 2019, as the artist began to face sex abuse allegations, a crisis manager is alleged to pay hush money to a state employee for tips on a case he was involved in.

R. Kelly’s associate allegedly paid the Cook County clerk $2500 and was given a “burner phone” to be used when reporting on developments in the case in which he was charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

The prosecutors say they found bribery evidence in a phone conversation between R. Kelly and his manager in which Kelly asked how much he should pay the person. The manager confirming the deed was done but telling Kelly, he didn’t know anything, to which the R&B singer said “exactly.”

Law enforcement officials retrieved the conversation from R. Kelly’s cellphone.