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Queen Of Dancehall Spice Secures The Bag With New Flow Jamaica Ad

Spice secures the bag with another corporate deal with telecommunication giant Flow.

It seems there is just not enough Spice to go around. From slaying magazine covers to interviews with industry greats, the blue-haired bombshell has been keeping herself busy. The queen of dancehall is in high demand not only by his fans but also by corporate Jamaica. Her vibrant personality and engaging social media fanbase, which currently sits at over 3.6 million Instagram followers, make the “So Mi Like It” deejay a prized possession when it comes to marketing.

On Friday (July 23), the dancehall star took to Instagram to share the new ad for Flow. Spice had done a commercial for the tech giants sometime before, with her famous tagline for the company being, “Spice it Up Wid FLOW.”

The 38-year-old served up a delicious dose of Spice for the most recent ad, as she rocked her signature colored hair extensions and a number of stylish fits, in the vibrant video promo. The new tagline reads, “Spice up Yuh summa with Flow.”

“We have wol heap a prizes a summa ting, so make we flow and take yuh way fi a spin, All yuh do a look fi di text fi come in an den yuh click click click pan di link fi yuh win (FLOW),” she sings on the electrifying dancehall beat, supported by the dynamic visuals.

“Spice it up, (activate) add it up, (elevate), spin it up (Let’s gooo), win it up (with FLOOW). Join yuh mobile phone to yuh home. Add plan to yuh FLOW phone,” she spits.

In her caption, Spice urged, “Jamaica, Spice up Yuh summa with Flow!! You can spin up to Win up, Great Mobile and Home prizes Every body wins, everytime.”

Social media users who have had issues with one of the largest providers of mobile, internet, and phone services on the island have expressed that the new ad with Spice would be enough to push them to the telecom company.

“Spice a only reason me woulda switch to flow caz the song sound convincing,” one person said. “Spice with this ad you mek mi wah stick to flow,” another added.

Spice is currently an ambassador for Magnum Tonic Wine. She is also the owner of fashion brands Graci Noir and Faces & Laces.

It’s perhaps safe to say the new advertisement did what it was supposed to do. Fans are now highly anticipating Spice’s debut album TEN, which will be released in two weeks, on Friday, August 6. Spice, born Grace Hamilton, excitedly announced on Instagram that the album is now up for pre-orders on iTunes or Apple Music starting today.