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Kanye West Dropping Album ‘DONDA’ On Friday: Everything You Need To Know

Kanye West

Kanye West oft-delayed album Donda arrives this Friday after a massive album listening event on Thursday night at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Chicago rapper previewed one of his singles- “No Child Left Behind,” from his upcoming album Donda, which is set to drop on Friday of this week.

On Thursday night Kanye West gave fans a teaser of the upcoming album and announced a listening event for Thursday.

“Donda drops this Friday. Listening event livestream on Apple Music on Thursday at 8 PM ET,” graphics embedded in the video featuring said.

The one-minute video features disgraced athlete Sha’Carri Richardson who was banned from the 2021 Olympics after testing positive for a banned substance. Richardson later disclosed that the substance was marijuana which has caused an uproar among her supporters who feel that she should have been allowed to run since marijuana is not known as a stimulant.

Sha’Carri Richardson has been getting a tone of support from fans and corporate companies and now she lands a starring role in Beats By Dre commercial with Kanye West’s upcoming song, “No Child Left Behind,” providing the soundtrack.

The video posted to Kanye’s official Instagram account, which was recently re-activated, received close to 5 million views. Fans were ecstatic at the preview, with many already referring to Kanye’s project as album of the year.

The rapper also updated his social media account with photos of himself wearing jewelry with the names of all of his children- North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

Kanye West’s oft-delayed album Donda has undergone several name changes and false release dates.

However, by all indications, it appears that Kanye is ready to give his fans long-awaited music. The rapper is in the throes of a divorce from his wife Kim Kardashian, even as he also seems to battle issues with his mental health, as speculated by fans following his many manic outbursts on the internet.

However, the rap legend has kept his head down since the outbursts and has made many strides, including turning around his financial state from bankruptcy to billionaire status and building out his businesses while focusing on music.

His upcoming album is named after his mother, Donda, as it pays homage to her.

In 2020, Kanye stated that the name of the album would be “Donda: With Child”.

It’s expected that snippet from the entire album would be released on Thursday during the listening party, where fans will get an idea of the tracklist and those who have made the final cut.

Tickets for Kanye West album listening event at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta are now on sale via Ticketmaster. Ticket prices starts at around $70.