Minister Babsy Grange Sent Rygin King Some Words Of Encouragement

Rygin King
Rygin King

The Hon. Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange MP, CD, Has a Special Message For Rygin King.

The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment, and Sport was speaking to Russhaine Berry of the Dutty Berry Show following the launch of the Jamaican Festival Song Competition 2021 when she extended a special message to Rygin King, aka Trap King, while sharing her hopes for a proper reopening of the entertainment sector, and the importance of entertainers going digital.

The Minister has been at the forefront of the partial reopening of the entertainment sector following its closure in March 2020 to limit the number of positive Covid-19 cases. Mounting pressures from persons in the sector have resulted in a closely regulated reopening, where events are allowed to be kept but under strict guidelines. The effects of the lockdown on the bottom line of entertainers have not gone unnoticed by the Minister, who refused to list her favorite young artiste during such a trying period.

“One of the things that is important is to be able to sustain that image and that performance and continue to be out there and to keep your audience with you and your fanbase with you,” Grange explained.

“Social media and the whole digital platform is what is now critical and important because artistes have not been able to tour. I think the next year or so, that is where we are going to have to put the emphasis,” said Grange before explaining the government’s decision to bring the Festival Song competition into the new age by listing it on over 30 different streaming/digital platforms. Minister Grange has also pledged her and the government’s commitment to invest in the creative aspects of Jamaica. This follows Prime Minister Andrew Holness’s declaration of a more vested interest in the country’s most prevalent creative output, its music.

Jamaica’s music fraternity has seen a major influx of talents in the last few years, with the likes of Shaniel Muir, Intence, Skillibeng, Jahvillani, and Rytikal heading the pack. The world was introduced to Rygin King in 2017 when he ignited that Reggae Sumfest stage, and since then, the entertainer has been wowing audiences across the world with his unique delivery. 2020 was a tough year for the entertainer in more ways than one, as he was the target of a heinous daylight attack that left his girlfriend dead and himself nursing gunshot wounds. The deejay is still in recovery mode, even though he has been able to still keep his fans entertained with new content. He continues to show his versatility on tracks such as “Stop That Train” with the late Daddy U-Roy.

Grange used the opportunity to give a special shoutout to Rygin while encouraging him to continue his fight.
“There is one artiste I want to give a special shoutout to and I am hoping that his career will continue to grow from strength to strength considering the unfortunate experience he has had and that’s Rygin King,” Babsy said “A special shoutout and to say I am here for him..”

Rygin King’s latest offering, “Inna Me Mind,” is currently holding the number 16 spot on Youtube’s trending chart. The artiste has also been teasing the possibility of his debut album.