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Safaree Says Erica Mena Destroy His Motorcycles, Wants Her To Pay $50K For Damages

Safaree wants his soon to be ex-wife Erica Mena pony up $50,000 for some of his goods she allegedly damaged.

Things are getting more and more toxic between Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels as new information coming to light shows the extent of how much the couple seemingly hated each other.

The new information coming to light comes from TMZ, which has reported that Safaree has filed legal documents accusing Erica of pouring bleach on his expensive sneakers. Not just that, but he is also accusing her of trashing his motorcycles and causing at least $50,000 in damage.

According to the suit, he has said that Erica Mena violated their domestic relations standing order. An order of that nature usually limits a couple from harassing each other or damaging one another’s property during divorce.

Safaree claims that following Erica Mena filing for divorce on May 23, she poured bleach and cut the shoelaces off of his expensive sneakers. According to him, that was about $30,000 in damages. He further alleges that she poured paint on two of his motorcycles which caused damage to the bikes after paint got in the exhaust pipes and gas tanks.

The songwriter also claimed that he has it all on video as his security cameras picked up everything when Erica was still eight months pregnant. He wants at least $50,000 in damages from her. Safaree said that he is also considering criminal charges.

This comes after Erica accused him of being a neglectful father after jetting to Jamaica when their newborn baby was in the NICU for a few days. She also accused him of partying with women in Miami while she was caring for their children.

Her accusations came before she was embroiled in scandal when shrewd fans discovered that she allegedly had a burner account that she used to spew hatred towards her ex Cyn Santana.