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Dr. Dre Co-Signs T-Pain’s Viral Rant About New Rappers Making Same Music

Dr. Dre co-signs T-Pain following his viral rant on Twitch about new artists all making the same music.

T-Pain recently shared an unpopular opinion about today’s music, and it seems his opinion is not as far-fetched as we all thought. Several celebrities have now co-signed the singer’s opinion that much of today’s music sounds the same, the latest being Dr. Dre. The hip-hop icon says he is in total agreement that today’s artists lack originality and are just not innovative.

T-Pain first shared the controversial opinion while on an Instagram Live. Referencing the music, which he believes is too similar, he said, “Stop doing that! Do something else, you’re not original! Give me some original sh*t!”

The singer doubled down, saying, “Just f***ing do something else! Goddamn it! Do some different music! We have all the sh*t you’re doing. Lil Uzi Vert is already doing it. Lil Baby is already doing it. DaBaby is already doing it.”

Pain said there were already two rappers with ‘Baby’ in their names doing pretty much the same music.

Shortly after the Live, T-Pain’s rant quickly gained traction and began trending on several platforms. While some were not in agreement with the “Bartender” singer, many said the rapper merely put into words what they were already thinking.

One famous voice to agree with Pain was Dr. Dre. He reposted the rant alongside the comment, “Shoutout to @tpain!! I’m here laughing my f***in ass off, but he’s right. I know and feel exactly what you’re saying.”

Others in his comment section also agreed, with one IG user commenting, “Right all that shaatt sound the same.. that’s why I stay listening to 70’s-90’s music.”

Another commenter said, “This generation just like everything to be the same! Same look, music, everything!! it seems like everybody is really copying off each other,”

While a third added, “Facts! Take me back to the 90s and early 2000s, when individuality and talent meant something. Everybody sounds the same these days #BringBackRealMusic.”

Some critics were not in agreement, however, and bashed T-Pain, saying he wasn’t even active in the music industry and needed to keep his opinion to himself. The singer later responded to the critics on Twitter.

He responded writing, “I undrstnd not every1 likes me and may not agree with my opinions but by all means don’t make up dumb sh*t like ‘he just mad because he ain’t got no hits’ I’m in all different genres. Got 2 legit Grammies in the last 3 years and got a song out rn that’s top 15 on radio in the US.”

In a follow-up tweet, he said, “I’m not explaining myself I just don’t like ppl being content with being stupid and uninformed. If some rando talked sh*t on your page you’d look up all their SM pages to see what dirt you can get… just do a little research before you think you hittin me wit somethin.”

It’s safe to say that Pain isn’t backing down from his opinion despite the critics. The co-sign from Dr. Dre, a veteran in the music business, also strengthens his stance.