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DaBaby Tried To Teach Kids Selling Candy A Lesson But It Backfired


The rapper was the source of flack as social media users converged on Twitter to drag him for not giving two kids selling candy more money or even buying out their candy.

A video shared online showed the kids who appeared to be teenagers excited to meet DaBaby as they offered to sell him Skittles and Gushers they were selling for a charity. The rapper was visiting New York City for the ESPY Awards, saw the kids, and approached them with a large wad of cash with the intention of buying their candy.

“How much for the whole box?” DaBaby asks to which the young man replies, “$200,” despite each unit being only $2 apiece.

After realizing that the kids were trying to make money more money than the candy was actually worth, he decided to just buy one piece of candy each from the kids to their disappointment.

“These n***as,” DaBaby said, laughing. “You made $400 off that and you selling them for $2? Let’s count ’em. What’s 34 times two? It ain’t $200. It ain’t even $100 [laughs]. That’s $68.”

The rapper was criticized for what many said was him violating the boys for clout since he videoed his encounter and later posted it.

“Why would you as a Black man go and violate two Black boys selling snacks on the street? You’re supposed to give them some change and tell them to keep the snacks so they can hold on to more inventory. DaBaby is a f**king bozo and I want the worst for him,” one Twitter user said.

However, the rapper sought to explain away his actions saying that he was teaching them a lesson when asked how he felt about the kids being greedy and “blocking their blessing.”

“Anything I buy something else I always buy the whole thing but I give them the opportunity to make it make sense why you want $20 for the whole thing,” he said. “I respect their hustle, I ain’t cuss em out and gave them knowledge and bought one piece of candy.”

Along with the video of the kids, DaBaby shared a video of himself also trolling the kids after he bought the candy. “Y’all lil n***gas blew it, keep hustling though,” he tagged the video.

The rapper told the kids, “you gotta use your head, you tried to play…you could have gotten $200 now you got $4 dollars…look they pissed…They got me f***ked up… I sued to sell candy too,” the rapper said as he laughed with other persons in the video.