Dancehall Artist Red Rat Responds To Chris Brown’s Copyright Lawsuit

Red Rat (left), Chris Brown (right)

Red Rat has responded to the recent lawsuit brought by Greensleeves Publishing Limited against Chris Brown and Sony Music which seeks to recoup $1.5 million in damages for the use of lyrics from Red Rat’s dancehall classic “Tight Up Skirt.

On Tuesday, the dancehall artist posted on his Instagram account that he was not being represented by Greensleeves. Red Rat, whose real name is Wallace Wilson, added that the publishing house also has no basis to bring the lawsuit.

“Greensleeve and the individuals involved in the lawsuit against Mr. Brown are not and have not been authorized by myself or anyone acting on my behalf to represent my interest,” Red Rat said. “They do so without proper grounds to act,” he continued.

It’s the first time the artist is speaking since news of the lawsuit broke last week after pleadings were filed in a New York court by Greensleeves Publishing against Chris Brown for his use of the lyrics of “Tight Up Skirt” in his single “Privacy,” which is now a 2x platinum song.

In their lawsuit, the publishing company claims to own the rights to the song and that the label owns and administers exclusive music publishing rights for the song in the United States.

They go on to say that the lyrics used is the “focal point” in “Privacy,” and along with the damages, they are also seeking from the court an injunction to permanently stop both Brown and Sony Music from further copyright infringement by way of sales or promotion of the lyrics in privacy.

Red Rat is one of the most recognized names in dancehall from the 1990s golden era and “Tight Up Skirt” is one of the biggest songs from that era of the genre.