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Nicki Cannon Told JT He’s Having Babies On Purpose

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Nick Cannon isn’t about to slow down on having babies.

City Girls‘ rapper JT needed to get something off her chest where Nick Cannon is concerned, and she did just that when she stepped up to shout what so many have wanted to say for the last couple of months. “Wrap it up,” Nick!

The City Girls made a recent appearance on the rapper’s radio show, and as the conversation winded down, Nick found himself asking for a little advice from the duo.
JT’s hilarious response was, “Just stay true to yourself and… wrap it up.” She elaborated, “Wrap it up and protect yourself.”

Taking a strange turn, Nick Cannon revealed that his seven children are not necessarily a mistake. “I’m having these kids on purpose,” he explained. “It ain’t no accident.”

JT went on to explain that if that’s his agenda, then it is what it is.

“Okay so if you having these kids on purpose then it’s nothing I can tell you about your life. Cause I don’t want nobody telling me sh*t just be the best you,” JT said.

Nick Cannon exclaimed in response, “trust me, there’s a lot of people that I could’ve gotten pregnant and I didn’t.”

The talk show host seems to be responding to speculations by the public that he may have been ‘getting anybody and everybody pregnant.’

Yung Miami‘s advice was a simple “YOLO,” as I’m sure Nick Cannon already knew. As it relates to his time on this earth, the 40-year-old has mentioned on several occasions that he does not think he will live a long life, in fact, he believes he only has a few years left.

Fans have speculated that this may be the reason behind his recent actions, welcoming four of his seven children within the space of a year. And based on his conversation with the City Girls, Nick may not be stopping there.

His youngest child, Zen, was born to Alyssa Scott on June 23. On June 14, Nick Cannon welcomed a set of twin boys with Abby De La Rosa, and in December 2020, he welcomed a daughter, Powerful Queen, with Brittany Bell. Nick also shares a 4-year-old son, Golden, with Brittany.

Cannon’s first set of twins, Moroccan and Monroe, from his marriage with Mariah Carey are now 10 years old.

Nick Cannon’s prolific breeding spell has been the talk of social media for the past few weeks, with several humorous memes. Cannon is seemingly unmoved by the taunting as he continues to go forth and multiply.