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DaBaby Promises A No. 1 Album To Silence His Critics

DaBaby plans to silence his critics with a No. 1 album.

The Cleveland rapper is manifesting greatness this week by speaking his next album into a position at the top of the charts. Taking to his Instagram story, DaBaby confirmed that he is working on his next project and promised fans that it wouldn’t disappoint, saying, “This will be my third consecutive No. 1 album.”

The project will follow 2019’s Kirk and 2020’s Blame It on Baby, both of which debuted at the top of the Billboard 200. Baby previously indicated his plans to retire from the rap game while still young, but it seems he has no intentions of walking away from the mic anytime soon.

DaBaby went on to add a message for his haters, saying, “All you dirty a** dog d*ckriding, hating a** b*tches understand me, when this new one drop, I’ma politely let you mother****ers get right back on the d*ck.” Further asserting his confidence, Baby added, “I’m the best at doing what I do. New album on the way, will be a No. 1 album.”

While ego is nothing new in hip hop, DaBaby brings a new level of self-assuredness to the rap world, only last month referring to himself as the “best rapper” in the game and suggesting that he has a tough time finding collaborators because other rappers are threatened by him.

The upcoming album has already dropped two singles, “Ball If I Want To” and “Red Light, Green Light”. Baby is also reportedly planning a live tour to promote the new project, an announcement that is especially well-received by fans considering the considerable deprivation of live music during the coronavirus pandemic.

DaBaby referred to himself as the “live show killa” in his IG video, so fans should expect one hundred percent from the artist if they happen to be lucky enough to catch him on tour.