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Zamunda Shares How Popcaan Remake His Hit “Jah Love”

Zamunda’s unforgettable 2009 classic, “Jah Love,” took Jamaica by storm when it was first released. Now, even five months after a remake with Popcaan and Dre Island, the song emerges as an example of unity in dancehall.

Zamunda has now revealed how the idea for the much-needed remake came to be. The dancehall/reggae recently singer made an appearance on Onstage with host Winfred Williams where he shared that the idea was not actually planned.

“It was just a energy and it was just a vibe and it wasn’t really a plan thing either. We just decide that this song is a classic and we gonna remake it,” he told Winfred.

“Me and Popcaan we were in Portland and we was holding a vibes and we were just playing some music…. You know we always hol the vibes weh we play music on our phone and clash, not just our music but any music like sound clash so I play a song and I get a big fawud and then him [Popcaan] say ‘yow people look how mi ago play him own song an kill him’ an him drop the [original] ‘Jah Love Surround Me’ and the whole place mash up, the whole place a beat dung… mi couldn’t even play no more song,” he recalled.

“He [Popcaan] was like ‘Zamunda watch yah, goose pimple still take mi from dem time deh, you know dat dis song is a massive song… I go home and I think about it an call Popcaan bout 5:00 in a di morning an mi a say ‘bro, let’s remake this song’ an he say ‘okay let’s do this.”

The singer went on to recall how they brought on Dre Island to the project at the last minute.

“We were recording in the night bout 3:00 and Popcaan stop inna di middle a di song and say yow you know we can put Dre Island inna di song, I say ‘why not,” he added.

Of course, the results were extraordinary, with fans showing love for the tune, expressing that the remake comes at a perfect time when people have been going through hardships during the COVID 19 pandemic.

“I even get emotional like sometime when I even…the way how people relate to the song and how much it has done for them and to Jah be the glory,” Zamunda said.

The “Preserve My Life” singer also mentioned that he has been working on a live studio album that is now complete. He did not disclose the details surrounding the project, but he noted that it includes some of the biggest names in the industry. Among other works in the making, Zamunda also disclosed that a collaboration with Skillibeng is also on the way.